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2018-2019 Winter Capsule

Happy day, dear reader! I know this post is a bit late... If you follow me on Instagram, you've been getting a sneak peek of my winter capsule already! In the fall, I talked through how I go about pulling together my seasonal capsule. This time was no different. Inspiration board, clothes on the bed, … Continue reading 2018-2019 Winter Capsule

Wardrobe 101

10 Piece Holiday Capsule

Oodles of Outfits from Just 10 Pieces Most of Which You Probably Already Own! Happy day, dear reader! If this is your first visit, Welcome! And if you are returning, Welcome Back! Today I am sharing a post that I had the privilege to guest-write for Sarah of Get Real Image! Her post went live… Continue reading 10 Piece Holiday Capsule


What’s Your Shopping Style?

Find Out Your Shopping M.O... Happy day, reader dearest! I hope your week has been full of only the most pleasant of surprises... If you are holiday shopping, I pray it has been going smoothly! Do you find shopping to be a pleasure or a chore? Contrary to popular belief/memes, not all women love shopping,… Continue reading What’s Your Shopping Style?

Capsule Wardrobe

Fall Capsule Debrief

Happy day, dear reader! It's that time again! It's the end of another capsule season (fall) and time to see what worked, what didn't, and to take those lessons into the next season! Here's a walk-through of how I go from inspiration to realizing the capsule in my closet. As always, if you find something… Continue reading Fall Capsule Debrief

Women's Style

Dressing for the Holidays

A Look Back at Last Year's Holiday Outfit Inspo Happy day, dear reader! We are coming to the end of November, so to get ready for December, I wanted to take a look back at some of my holiday dressing ideas from last year, and see how I like them this year... If they have… Continue reading Dressing for the Holidays


5 Things to Know Before You Shop for a Wedding Dress

What The Pros Want You to Know! Happy day, dear reader! Guess what season it is! If you answered "Post-Turkey Recovery Period," you'd be correct. If you said "Black Friday Shopping," you'd also be right. And yes to "Christmas Panic Mode!" as well! All true! You thought yesterday was Thanksgiving, but it was actually the… Continue reading 5 Things to Know Before You Shop for a Wedding Dress

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Styled for Work and Play: Denim Shirt

Hello reader dearest! Hope you are having a lovely day! Today's installment is brought to you by my friends on Facebook. I put out a post asking what should be the next clothing item tackled for Styled for Work and Play, and the response was a Denim Shirt. Now I love a denim shirt, and… Continue reading Styled for Work and Play: Denim Shirt


5 Places to Find Unique Gifts

Think Outside the Big Box Store Good day, dear reader! It seems that the holiday sales are starting earlier and earlier every year. First we had Black Friday, then came the stores opening late on Thanksgiving day, and now I am seeing adverts for Black Friday prices starting today. I'm not even sure what they've… Continue reading 5 Places to Find Unique Gifts