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Relaxed Style

Style Personality Series Happy day, reader dear! As I mentioned in the¬†introductory post¬†to this series, NO ONE is just one personality style! Each of these (Arche)Types is an extreme, or caricature, if you will. Every woman (and man) is unique, and so should style be. You may love the colors of one style, the fabrics… Continue reading Relaxed Style


Pantone Colors: Spring/Summer 2020

Cooling Off after Seasons of Warmth! Happy day, dear reader! Now that we are heading into the coldest part of winter (in our area), let's take a peek forward to spring and summer. Well, at least to color for spring and summer! Twice yearly, the color sages at Pantone give us their prediction for the… Continue reading Pantone Colors: Spring/Summer 2020


What WOULD I Buy?

If I let myself run amok... Happy day, reader dear! Last week I wrote about color inspiration, and from whence it comes. (Short answer: Anywhere!) Lise commented that it is a "work in progress" to create a more cohesive color scheme in her closet. AMEN! Especially if you buy what strikes your fancy. That's a… Continue reading What WOULD I Buy?

Style and Styling

Classic Style

Style Personality Series Happy day, reader dear! When it comes to style, personality trumps all. Because well, style is your personality expressed through what you wear on your body. Everyone has a personality, so EVERYONE has a style, even if they aren't aware of what it is... Or what it should be for them! Many… Continue reading Classic Style


Color Inspirations

Happy day, reader dear! Sometimes clients (or others who see wardrobe plans I have created) ask "How did you come up with that combination?" Well, I'm not always sure exactly where a particular one comes from, but I can tell you they can come from almost anywhere. One was inspired by the design on a… Continue reading Color Inspirations

Style and Styling

What’s Your Style Personality?

7 Personality Style (Arche)Types Happy day, reader dear! How are you? And more importantly, Who are you? I hope you are well, and happy being you! Have you ever brought home (or been gifted) a clothing item or accessory that is absolutely beautiful... And yet you can't bring yourself to wear it? It hangs there,… Continue reading What’s Your Style Personality?

Style and Styling


Better Your Style AND Your Savings in 2020! Happy day, dear reader! I pray that if you have made resolutions for 2020, that they are proving easier to keep than you expected. And if they have already gone by the wayside, thank goodness you can pick right back up and try again! I'll pry... Is… Continue reading Rewear/Restyle/Repeat