10 Ways to Style Your Scarf

Scarf Challenge Days 1-10

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Happy day, reader dearest,

Ten down, 40 to go! Maybe I should call this Volume 1?

I feel like I’ve gotten a great start on my Scarf Style Challenge.

The easy part of this challenge is I don’t have to make any decisions! I don’t have to think about what way I want to tie my scarf today. That’s all sorted for me by Lauren.

I do, on the other hand, have to build my outfit around the scarf and its tie and some days, that can prove challenging some days…

But, since I’m all about learning and learning about style, I’m usually up for a good style challenge! Yes, there are lots of different style challenges out there if you are interested…

Every few weeks I drop a little PSA in the posts and today is the day. It’s time to remind you that Closet Play Image is both a business and a labor of love. I love sharing bright style and wardrobe ideas; when you come back for more, I think you’re finding value here. Please share with others the goodness you find on the blog. OR feel free to Pin looks you like Pinterest, share links on Facebook or comment on Insta! Those actions help me pay the bills! AND your warm introduction is the best way for me to make new friends. Thank you! I truly have the best readers!

So back to your regularly scheduled programming. I am focusing heavily this month on color and what better way to add color to an outfit than with a scarf! So without further ado, here are the first 10 scarf styles from Lauren Friedman’s 50 Ways to Style a Scarf. Thank you, Lauren, for some fall style inspo!

Day 1: The Bandit / Day 2: The Loop

Day 3: The Rosette / Day 4: The Paris

Day 5: The Minnie Mouse / Day 6: The Square

Day 7: The Ascot / Day 8: The Drape

Day 9: The Professor / Day 10: The Clutch

How About YOU?

Are any of these ten ways that you wear a scarf? If so, which is your favorite? If not, which would you be most likely to try? Can you tell which is my favorite? How about least favorite? Are there any of these you’d like to see a video tutorial about tying? Do you think I’ll make it through the next 45 styles/ Do tell! I love to hear from you! And I’ve saved space especially for you on the internet… 😉

Stylishly yours,

(Or should I say Scarfishly yours?)


  • Lydia

    Makes me wish I had more scarves to play with! I had a purple and blue silk scarf that I thrifted in Paris that got lost somewhere that I am mourning especially after this post. All of these are super cute but I love the clutch idea and the Minnie Mouse!

    • Liz K

      A treat thrifted in Paris, Lydia? I’d be in mourning, too! Maybe it will reappear… We used to find lost items whenever we moved. I love to find scarves pre-loved! If you love Minnie, stay tuned for tomorrow’s post!


    I’m most likely to wear the ascot and least likely to wear the professor!! I’ll keep going through all the scarf tying. This is great!!

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