10 MORE Ways to Style Scarves

Scarf Challenge Days 11-20

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Happy day, dear Reader!

The Scarf Style Challenge continues.

We slog on…

Welcome to styles eleven through twenty! Some wins. Some losses. And some just-not-doable. Oops. Maybe I shouldn’t have cropped my hair so short last week… Nah. I’m happier this way. Scarf styling opportunities be darned.

I shouldn’t say slog on as if it’s a burden to wear scarves! It’s certainly not in my book. I love accessories, and a scarf is one of the best ways I know to add color and flair to even the most ordinary outfit. Like jeans and a white tee. Really!

Hmmm. Now I’m thinking it may be time for another Style Palette Cleanse. What to choose for the base, though? I could do Jeans + White (Something) again, but fall weather is super variable… I’d certainly have to time the seven days properly; November has some special event dressing to keep in mind.

Back to the Challenge! Days 11-20 used only two types of scarves, a square (of varying sizes) and a pashmina style scarf. The instructions in Lauren Friedman’s 50 Ways to Style a Scarf suggest a long skinny for The Necklace and The Chain Link, and an oblong scarf for The Criss Cross and The Braid. I managed most of them with very lightweight, large, square scarves folded on the bias. (For more information about scarf sizes and bias fold, pop on over to YouTube and watch this. And please ignore the pile of reading material on my husband’s nightstand. Oops.)

I found some new friends here, especially for the hotter months when I want the color pop a scaf provides without the extra heat tying one around my neck give me! So without further ado, I’d like to introduce you to a few new ways to style a scarf…

Day 11: The Necklace/Day 12: The Chain Link

The Necklace was a TOTAL surprise! I didn’t expect to like it at ALL and I really did. I think it’s a great option for a dose of color on those too-hot-for-a-scarf summer days. Especially with a white top. Fabulous way to add a splash of color. The Chain Link? I wasn’t sure it would work at all since my scarf was super soft, but it surprised me. I liked it more than I expected, just not enough to make it a regular in my tie rotation. Who knows? I might feel differently next summer!

Day 13: The Easy Breezy/Day 14: The Top Down

The Easy Breezy is one of my favorite ways to wear a pashmina style scarf, and one of Mr. CP’s least favorites. I tend to grab a pashmina whenever we head out the door to church or a restaurant because of the variable A/C factor. Mr. CP has learned to sit to my right in the pew (or banquette) so that I don’t hit him in the face when I fling my scarf around to the back. Yes. It has happened more than once. Way more. #sorrybabe

I’ll admit The Top Down doesn’t see much wear, but I LOVE it. Who doesn’t want to feel like a movie star? All I’m missing is the convertible… I’ll take the powder blue Thunderbird, please.

Day 15: The Boy Scout/Day 16: The New York

Not so fond of The Boy Scout for me. I can’t tell you why. The New York? Yes, please! Especially in the cold winter months. If you’d like to catch a video that shows how The New York is similar to The Paris (AND 4 other easy ways to tie a square scarf), pop on over to YouTube and catch the video. Please like and subscribe while you are there! Thx!

Day 17: The Criss Cross/Day 18: The Ponytail

These two both felt like fails. Didn’t love either. The skull scarf simply had too much volume to make The Criss Cross work. My narrower scarf (middle pic) worked better, but didn’t look great forwards. Here you see it backwards; I think it looks better this way!

As for The Ponytail… No hair. Not much I can do about that. Sorry. I won’t get extensions just to show you this scarf style. Now if I can find a super inexpensive grey clip-in ponytail? Maybe I’d give it a try!

Day 19: The Braid/Day 20: The Pocket Square

Figuring out The Braid took quite a few trips to YouTube and some rather unladylike language, but I finally got it! And can see doing this one again! True Confessions Time: The Pocket Square was a cheat! I have only two jackets with a breast pocket that will allow pocket square tucking, and neither is in my current capsule wardrobe. That and I hadn’t yet worn it when I scheduled this post. BUT it is hanging in my closet for a board meeting the day this post goes live, so I WILL be wearing it. Because I’m not THAT much of a cheat!

Style Tip: If you are self conscious about a generous bust and do not want to make it look larger, skip chest/breast pockets AND this scarf style.

How About YOU?

Are any of these styles ties you’ve tried? Do you wear any of them regularly? Am I the only one to struggle with The Braid? (Please say, No! and make me feel better.) What is your favorite type of scarf to wear? Long and skinny? Oblong? Square? Pashmina? Which do you avoid? Do tell! And please let me know if the video was helpful. It may be time to re-record it. This time without the reading pile on the nightstand. Ugh.

Stylishly yours,


  • sharon m Elwood

    Liz, I love your passion it is so energizing. I am more of the easy breeze or criss cross gal when I wear a scarf. I like to keep things simple and easy but I am liking a few of the other options I might try out to change it up a bit.

    Thank you for sharing your tips,


    • Liz K

      Thank you for visiting, Sharon! I usually find myself sticking to three different ties and thought it was time to expand my scarf styling repertoire… And boy, am I learning a LOT!


    Liz, I understand the hard times figuring out the scarf tying!! Aren’t the results beautiful??!! I wore the necklace and the last tie scarf style a great deal in my 20’s. I wear the Pashmina style with pashmina during the summer in cold places and wool wraps during the winter thrown over my shoulder. I love this style!! Great with my houdstooth wool!! Have a very blessed day!!!

    • Liz K

      Thank you, Natalie! We’ll take ALL the blessings we can get. I love the drama of The Easy Breezy, but not the way it slips and shifts for a workday. I have to resort to a brooch! Wishing you a beautiful day, too!

  • Sally in St Paul

    I like wearing The Braid style scarf (I saw it on Jodie’s Touch of Style), and I found it easy to do with an oblong not-too-thick not-silk scarf. I think it would be harder with slippery silk! I like this Necklace Twist style, which looks a bit different from the versions I’ve seen where you end up with the knot in the bottom center rather than at the side. I’m not sure how you tied that one.

  • Gail McKelvey

    Boy am I with you on the pashmina. I always have one with me…keep a neutral in the car even. I’m in TX where I am usually hot or chilly in a restaurant like you so I think they are perfect! Lots cheaper than a coat and a wealth of colors. This was a fun post to read. I will have to take a look at the videos you mentioned. Wish more scarves were cotton. Poly always makes me hot, even silk does. I get sticky around my neck but some of these looked like something fun to try. One of my daughters wears her squares “Rosie the Riveter” style and it is cute on her but she is 30 years younger than me too! Great post!

    • Liz K

      I’m a huge fan of cotton scarves, too, Gail! I find silk good in the summer, though. I think it’s a matter of the weight and finish!

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