10 Reasons

Why hire an Image and Wardrobe Coach?

Because you only get one chance to make a first impression.

Because your closet real estate is pricey… Every item in your closet should be earning its keep!

Because you have to get dressed every day, and it shouldn’t be stressful!

Because you never know who you might meet today!

Because you should never have to apologize for how you are dressed!

Because having everything you need does not mean having everything.

Because it saves you money.

Because the money you have spent on unworn (or unloved) items could be put to better use elsewhere.

Because confidence is priceless.

Because your wardrobe should fit your lifestyle, support your goals, flatter you, express your personality, AND make you feel good about yourself!




WOW!  Fantastic follow up Liz!  Thank you so much for your help.  K had GREAT things to say about her experience.

KM (December 2017)  Personal Style Consultation & Business Style Planning


I started out a Monday first thing in the morning with this amazing lady!!!!!! I did not know what to expect but I was so surprised! By the time she was done with me and my closet I felt like I could take on the world.

KC (November 2017)  Closet Inspiration


Such a great experience with Liz today.

Liz was able to help me combine my personality and what I want my look to be, as well as how to mesh it all together. Our time together really helped me understand why I am drawn to so many types of styles, and how to narrow them down depending on the occasion. I feel like I will save so much time and money when I shop as well as when I am choosing outfits each day.

Additionally, I now understand why I am attracted to certain pieces of clothing and then never “feel like wearing that” once I get it home. – more time and money saved!

And… I now know how to Figure out whether to tuck in or leave out. It was so fun!!!!!!

BG (September 2017)  Personal Style Consultation


I loved your blend of straightforward yet kind, down-to-earth yet highly knowledgeable approach to coaching the way I see myself and wardrobe choices. I look forward to practicing another way of seeing in the days ahead.

DF (June 2017)  Personal Shopping


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