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Happy day, reader dear!

At the end of October, I had a wild hair. I thought it was time to try the 10X10 Challenge I see so many Instapeeps doing. (As if wearing pink every day of October wasn’t enough.)(And, no, if everyone else was jumping off a cliff, I wouldn’t join them.) I gave a little thought to what I would choose for my 10, and this was where I was headed… But as usual, life derailed that plan. So what did I finally select for my 10 X 10? After checking the weather and my calendar…

Reminder: The Rules

I set the rules to include 10 items of clothing including shoes. I didn’t include outerwear, because I wasn’t expecting to need any, but conditions changed that. I elected to choose just one outerwear item to cover me (pun unintended) for the 10 days.


Our weather was taking a turn for the chilly, so I chose to leave the white linen blouse out. Same for the cami, especially as it was very limiting and can only be worn with a topper. They grey poet-y blouse was benched because I discovered stains on it, and wasn’t sure if I could get them out at all, let alone before my start date! That left me practically starting from scratch with tops…

The Selection

Blush Blouse, Red-Violet Sweater, Teal Shell, Denim Blouse, Raspberry Dress

Teal Narrow Trousers, Levi’s 501’s, Brown Jacket, Grey Loafers, Leopard Pumps

I chose everything from my Fall Capsule Wardrobe. No additions or substitutions! I liked how these all played together on the rack, and felt confident that I wouldn’t find myself naked or embarrassed over the next 10 days.

The Ten Outfits

Notes: Did I tend to darker looks than are my best? Yes, quite a few of these pieces were darker than I prefer, but keeping light pieces clean is a challenge for me on a regular day, and even worse when the pressure is on and I only have 8 items to choose from! Did I wear some combinations that are odd? Certainly! Especially the denim blouse over the raspberry dress. They are both tiered and floaty, and I would never have combined them in the past, but necessity is a mother, and it turned out that I loved the look. Any time I wear that denim blouse over a dress, I feel like I’m wearing an artist’s smock. It feels creative and atypical, and those are adjectives I would like to describe me!

Lessons Learned: (1)The tops to bottoms ration was spot on! 2:1 is a great way to go for capsule creation, packing, and almost any wardrobe planning! (2)The darkest look (jeans and teal shell), that at one time would have been my default, now feels heavy and weighed down. I need more lightness and barring light, more color! The same jeans and shell with the blush blouse underneath felt much more me. (3)I could certainly have gone more than 10 days, but the shoes were the drag for me. I chose practical shoes for versatility, but I’m just not a practical shoes woman. I need some mischief! Leopard was good, but I need some mischievous flats. (4)It might be time to add mischievous flats to my next French 5 Shopping list….

So how about you? Other than travel, have you ever done something like a 10X10 Challenge? Would you? Which are your favorite outfits from above? What wouldn’t you be caught dead in? Do let me know in the comments… I LOVE to hear from you!

Stylishly yours,

PS: My three faves:


  • Leslie Susan Clingan

    Such pretty colors. I am reminded of all kinds of berries. Even though you recycled some of the pieces, each look is unique and beautiful. Getting ready to go on a week-long trip for some less than pleasant circumstances. Need to pack comfortable and conservative outfits. Will use your post to guide me in creating several outfits from a capsule of pieces.

    • closetplayadmin

      Thank you for stopping by, Leslie! With only 10 pieces, there will be lots of recycling… And that’s a good thing in my book! I’m sorry you are having to take what our family calls “a sad trip”. My prayers are with you and yours. Glad to be of help on the packing front; let me know if there is anything else I can do… Blessings and hugs to you, Leslie.

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