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Happy day, reader dear!

If this is your first visit, Welcome! If you are returning, I’m so glad you are back! I have a question for you. What is it about limits? How do you feel about them Some people love limits. And others loathe them. I’m a limits girl, myself. But they have to be limits I choose…

Back in 2017, I did a Baker’s Dozen Capsule for the month of October… 13 Items for 31 Days. I loved it! There were so few choices to make, and everything played together beautifully. Looking back, that experiment may have been the real start of my love for (obsession with?) capsule wardrobing. If your curiosity is piqued by the Baker’s Dozen, click here. But if you prefer a rambling video of me explaining my choices, you can watch it here… #noedits #streamofconsiousness

So what’s with the 10X10? Well, I’ve seen some other Instapeeps doing 10X10’s in the past year, and thought, “That should be easy, right?” I like love this kind of wardrobe challenge because it gives me limits, forces me to be creative, and I always learn something. Learning something new is my favorite part! When this idea first struck (in my Fall Capsule Mid-point Debrief), I imagined myself choosing from the pieces in my five favorite outfits.

Which would have meant these:

Issue: I won’t wear the cami on its own, which means that piece is rather limiting because it will only be worn with a topper. But it’s only 10 days, right? I better take a closer look at the weather!

Issue: Four bottoms leaves me with no dress (PANIC!) and no Levi’s. (Double PANIC!) I’ve never created a cool weather capsule without my Levi’s. I’m not sure I would survive. And I don’t even pack for a trip without a dress… Dress? Levi’s? Dress? Levi’s? If I trade the skinny jeans out for Levi’s and the cropped jeans for a dress 10 Days would be a breeze!

So… (Awkward pause.) I went to check out the “rules.” It seems that some people include shoes and outerwear in their 10. Others only include regular clothes. Should shoes count as part of the 10? What’s your opinion? I think for this trial, I’ll include shoes, but not outerwear. It isn’t likely to be cold enough to need outerwear, but if so, I’ll select one. Narrowing down shoes to just two pair is likely to involve tears, so I’ll be best off imagining I’m taking a trip and can only take two. (I know. I sound like a spoiled brat.) Thankfully the 10 is everyday and work wear, and not workout wear since I only wear that for working out, not for out-and-about-ing!

It looks like I need to get a little more clear about the weather. AND take a good look at my work calendar. Then I’l be better equipped to tackle the shoe question and finalize the eight pieces that will make up my wardrobe for the next 10 days. The internet hasn’t been much help because most of the 10 X 10’s I see are almost all neutrals. With maybe a single colored piece thrown in for fun. I would lose my already tenuous grip on sanity wearing all neutrals for 10 days straight!

So how about you? Have you ever done a 10 X 10? Would you include shoes, give those as freebies (like accessories), or choose 10 clothing items and a set number of shoes? I do this all the time when I pack for a trip, so it shouldn’t be a big hairy deal, but it feels like a monumental decision. Which it isn’t. Time to get over myself and choose.

Stylishly yours,


  • Gina

    I also like a challenge and agree with you about the lack of inspiration that doesn’t involve mainly neutrals. I look forward to seeing what you came up with.

    • closetplayadmin

      Thank you for visiting, Gina! I love thinking of the colorlessness (Is that even a word?) as “lack of inspiration”! I finally settled on my 10, but nothing is set in stone until it is worn… I’ll post about it at the end of the 10. Are you a choice or limits woman, Gina?

  • Laurie

    If you want the challenge, go for including the shoes in your 10. Personally, for me and my feet with troubles and woes of their own, 🙂 I would have to say shoes are accessories! This is food for thought but for just 10 days, it should be easy, right? The shoes are limiting though… I think I will try this, if only for writing down the ideas. It would help with my next travel adventure! 🙂 Love your posts!

    • closetplayadmin

      Thank you for visiting and commenting, Laurie! I did finally add shoes into my 10, which meant chopping out two pieces, but so far, so good! I’ll do a post at the end of the 10 listing what I chose and how the outfits fell together. If you are on Insta and can’t wait, you can see the daily outfit pics as I go… Thank you for your kind words!

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