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Happy day, dearest reader!

Since the 1st of June, I have been participating in a dressing challenge. It’s a way to stretch your style muscles by wearing 100 different outfits 100 days in a row. (Even a month is a good challenge!) People interpret that word “different” in multiple ways! I’ve seen someone to whom that means not wearing the same item of clothing more than once. (That would require a far larger wardrobe than I have! Whew!) For others that means not repeating a clothing combination during the 100 days.

My take is a little different… I don’t mind repeating an outfit. I’ve been known to wear the same outfit more than once in a week, and (Shhhhh… dirty little secret: I’ve even worn the same outfit two days in a row because I liked it so much.) Since I have a capsule wardrobe with far less than 100 items, not wearing the same clothing items would leave me naked very quickly. I could avoid repeating combinations, but would probably end up with some really strange combos that are wildly inappropriate for the weather, occasion, or both. My take on the  #100outfits100days challenge is a little different. If I repeat a combination (which I am trying hard not to do too soon), I want to make sure that I switch up the accessories, or styling enough to create a different feel. For example, at the beach, I wore my white jeans and a grey tank to dinner with friends. I accessorized it with an aqua necklace, and my flat silver sandals. Very relaxed vaycay look. If I wore that same jeans and tank combo tomorrow, and styled it up with grey heeled sandals, a studded belt, oversized amber beads, and a clutch, it wouldn’t have the same feel at all. (Hmmm. This sounds interesting… I may need to try this one!) I know “feel” is not particularly quantifiable. So be it. I am my own measuring stick, here. If it feels different enough for me, it’s different enough.

I am just over a third of the way through the challenge, so this is a good time to look back and see some of my favorite outfits so far. I’m not running out of inspiration yet, but you never know when a less than creative day is ready to bite you in the behind! This first outfit makes me happy because I like the grown-up look to the shorts, almost a 40’s vibe with the peep-toe mary janes with the silky blouse.

The best part of this outfit is the balloons!. No really. I LOVE balloons way more than is appropriate for a 55 year old. Our family says that all you need for a party is balloons and some kind of treat. Yes, I bought the balloons to go with the outfit. What bedsides the balloons do I like? I have been loving the lighter colors I chose for this summer’s capsule, and this outfit exemplifies that lighter look. No, I wouldn’t go play with my grandsons in it, but it was just right for the day. Oh, and really comfortable shoes! Always. A. Win. And it’s got my signature neckerchief. Done!

So what’s next? This was a work work look. Like the kind I wear when I go meet business people in a business setting. Not the kind of work look for doing a Wardrobe Audit with a client, or going on a Personal Shopping jaunt. (It may be a jaunt for the client, but it’s hard work for the personal shopper! Don’t worry, it’s the kind of hard work I love.) What makes this outfit a fave? The ingredients. The dress is my go to. It fits like a dream AND has pockets. The shoes (Hmmmm. This is their second appearance in this list. Trend?) can walk forever, and are mint polka dot. Polka dot, I tell you! And the jacket is my boss babe jacket. Can’t explain why, but it always makes me feel boss. And the unexpected scarf down the back is as close as I’ll ever get to a pony tail! Give them something to remember you by as you walk away…









Up next… A beach look. Really laid back and simple. What’s to love? The color of the top, and that the top and shorts are both linen, which rocks in our hot and humid weather. This was taken on our beach vacation, so that fact may be swaying my judgement… 

And number 5 is another really relaxed look. What makes me happy here? I’m not a big fan of tees (This is the first in the post.), but this one (A gift from a client!) makes me smirk, and it has a more feminine cut so it doesn’t hide my shape. The turquoise beads and earrings add a pop of color, and my toenails and watchband (which I didn’t put on until after this shot) were in on the color game. The half tuck keeps my legs from looking short. They are. (The half-tuck is one of the Creator’s gifts to short women… Especially to those of us with love handles. Not joking!)

What have your favorite outfits from the last month been? Are your faves more casual or dressier? It can be hard (like in the beach shot) to unpack whether we like what we were doing or feeling that day from the outfit itself. There is so much emotion and psychology wrapped up in what we wear. If you have a favorite outfit above, which is it and why? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Stylishly yours,

And if you are wondering what I wore the other twenty-odd days, here’s a little video…

Thank you to Catherine at Not Dressed as Lamb, and Nancy at Nancy’s Fashion Style for the Link-Ups! Your generosity and encouragement is appreciated!








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