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12 X 12: My Daily Dozen in Action

Experience Debrief

Happy day, reader dearest!

How goes your 2022?

Thank you for your patience with me last month! It was a hard one and I needed to step back to find some breathing room. I’m pondering how things will be the same and how things will be different here in Closet Play-Landia.

I’m trying to honor my (our?) simple 2022 Style Resolutions. I say our since I chose them for you, too. Yes, that was a bit forward of me. Sometimes I can be that way! Just because a resolution is simple, doesn’t mean it is easy…

I followed the intuition/prompting that popped up in the 2021 Style Review post to begin 2022 with a 12X12 Exercise. A fresh year seems like the perfect place to begin with a fresh style exercise!

What’s a 12X12, you ask?

The not-so-helpful answer is that a 12X12 is a variation of a 10X10.

Sorry, our family has a hard time suppressing those kind of smart-aleck answers…

In this case, a 12X12 Style Exercise means choosing 12 wardrobe items and wearing those and only those (but NOT for PT or sleeping) for 12 days. You could think of it as a mini-capsule wardrobe to wear for 12 days–like for a long vacation!

After writing about My Daily Dozen, it seemed a no-brainer to test it out by using that Dozen as my 12.

So let’s see how it went!

If you missed the My Daily Dozen, here’s a recap…

My Daily Dozen

Batteries Not Included

No batteries needed! BUT, I did not count my watch, my religious jewelry nor the rings I wear daily as part of my twelve. (If this exception is good enough for Project 333, it’s good enough for a 12X12!) I also excluded heavy outerwear and handbags from the count, but I’m limiting myself to one tote and one clutch if needed. No, one bag does not work for all occasions!

The twelve items I pulled for this 12X12 Style Exercise were not exactly the same ones pictured in the original Dozen post. I opted for some different colors and textures. You’ll see how that played out…

The Twelve

You won’t see ALL the 12 outfits here, but you will see most of them and certainly ALL the pieces!

These three outfits feature the #1 the Levi’s 501’s, #2 the Pointy Toed Flat, #3 the Grey Merino Sweater, #4 the Square Silk(y) Scarf, #5 the Hoops, #6 the Long Swishy Skirt #8 the Blush Silk Blouse, #9 the White Blouse and #11 the Biker (or Moto) Jacket. I’m only missing three!

Here’s a few more looks…

Yes, the last three pieces feature here!

Here you get #10 the Navy Sweater (or top) and #7 the Heeled Boots. Last, but certainly not least, #12 the Chanel-Style Jacket.

Outfits not pictured? I wore the Blush Blouse with the Long Swishy Skirt and the Pointy Toed Flats AND the Blush Blouse with the Long Swishy Skirt, Boots and Moto Jacket.

The navy sweater and “flower” might be one of my favorite looks! (You might just see it again soon… Hint?) And for Day 12?

Ta Da!

How This 12X12 Felt

GREAT! Like a mini-palate cleanse to start the year. Was I wishing for more diversity by Day 12? For sure! Especially in the accessories department. Shoes, scarves and necklaces in particular! Levis + Navy Sweater + Scarf was on serious repeat. That’s not necessarily a bad thing!

On the plus side? Sticking with the same 12 pieces for 12 days had me thinking more about playing with my nail varish, makeup and hair. I can neglect these and the difference they create when I can grab different pieces to avoid boredom.

What Would I Do Differently?

Since the twelve aren’t supposed to be a capsule, but rather a list of the basics I reach for on a daily basis, I can’t hold it responsible for its shortcomings as a capsule. That’s like blaming a dog for not being a cat! If I were to build a twelve piece capsule to wear for twelve days (Say, on a holiday.), there would be some changes…

Three neutral tops cry out for another scarf for color! Or at least another colored top. I’m thankful for the Colored Neutral (teal) Moto Jacket, or I’d really have lost my mind. A footwear issue–These boots only worked with the skirt. That was an unpleasant surprise and not versatile enough for me! I’m not sure what happened; for some reason this pair of boots gets lumpy and stuck under jeans. Lastly, I’d trade one of the neutral shoes for a colored pair.

That said, if I could start fresh with the twelve and supplement with ALL the Style Staples, I could dress happily for quite some time!

I wouldn’t necessarily add THESE pieces, but you get my drift…

I’m thinking this might be a good exercise to repeat in the spring… Sans tall boots, of course!

How About You?

Thank you for sticking with me! How is your 2022 shaping up so far? What items would YOU include in YOUR Daily Dozen? What pieces do you find yourself reaching for over and over again? Have you done the Working Wardrobe Activity? If so, did the results surprise you? Which skirt look and which jeans look are your favorites? I’d love to know! There’s plenty of room on the internet for your comments… I’ve saved you a seat!

Stylishly yours,


  • Kathleen McDermott

    I so enjoy your wardrobe experiments. Very thought-provoking and helpful. Your 12 pieces are all lovely, fit you beautifully, flatter you and are in sync with your style. You look great in each of the outfits. I agree with your post-experiment observations. I think if you allowed full use of all your accessories, including shoes, it would be perfect. I couldn’t do this without that full range! SO happy to have you back. You and you blog are joyful and enlightening.

    • Liz K

      Thank you, Kathleen, for your kind words! I learn a LOT by doing and these little experiments are lessons not only in style but teach me a LOT about myself!

  • yourtrueselfblog

    Hi, Liz – Your 12X12 experiment is interesting. However, boredom is my nemesis. That’s why I come up with endless outfit ideas using each piece in my wardrobe. So I couldn’t do a 12X12. But I did try your experiment with “What Do I Really Wear?” I put aside the things I wore in January. Now I have to look at the rest of my huge wardrobe and see if I can part with anything. The thing is, I already have a huge amount of clothes waiting to go to the consignment shop…I’m a lucky girl, though, to have a big wonderful wardrobe of beautiful things. Thanks for your regular doses of common sense! – Angie,

    • Liz K

      YAY, Angie! Congratulations on doing the What Do I Really Wear experiment! It’s illuminating, isn’t it. I do it each season to find out what is no longer serving me. As for the 12X12, some people are options people! More power to you. I get my options in by varying accessories and shoes. It’s time for a shoe clean out Chez Klebba!

  • Sally in St Paul

    What timing…I just posted on my blog about my winter work from home Daily Dozen yesterday! I’ve been working an outfit formula since the cold weather arrived and really loving it, which surprises me a bit.

    Your swishy skirt is marvelous.

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