• Travel & Packing

    Arizona Packing

    We are off! Yes, I know it makes us possibly certifiable. Going to Arizona in June and July. And that’s okay with me. I love to travel! Especially when there are people I love to see. So Arizona in the…

  • Color


    Pink, or purple? Neither, thank you! I’ll take magenta. More grown up than bubblegum pink, not as moody as purple, less in-your-face than red, but never overlooked. Feminine, assertive, and adult.

  • Travel & Packing

    Throwback Thursday

    Since Throwback Thursday seems to be the ubiquitous default, I’ll give it a try. As I have few to no previous posts to choose from, instead of an old post, I’ll ponder what items or trends I wish would take…

  • Musings & Miscellany


    (Warning. Rude language at the end…) I stopped off at my mother’s favorite store this week to see what a “new’ color looked like in person for one of my clients. (Now, I realize there are not really any new…

  • Wardrobe 101

    What’s a Must-Have?

    Stylish and Modern, or Fashion Victim? It’s easy to fall victim to the fashion rollercoaster. Fashion is everywhere… on the streets, in the stores, on the cover of magazines in the grocery stores. Everywhere you look are lists of the…

  • Wardrobe 101

    Elizabeth’s Wardrobe Makeover

     Elizabeth (Not Liz. Please.) is creative, feminine, and relaxed. She loves options and unusual color combinations. She doesn’t want to be boxed into a particular style. Her work has a relaxed business dress code. Weekends, she ferries the children to…