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2020 Style Resolutions 2.0

2nd Quarter Check-In

Happy day, reader dear!

It’s the end of another quarter, and along with checking my budget and bookeeping, I also need to check in with my 2020 Style Resolutions. Hm. To be perfectly honest, I don’t think I’ve given them any thought at all since the end of Q1. I don’t know why not… Maybe I’ve had other things on my mind? As I write this, I’m not getting warm fuzzies about how those resolutions are going. I’m hoping I’ll change my mind by the end of this post!

If you’d like to know why I make these style resolutions, here’s the post that started the year. To keep it simple, I’ll rename each Style Resolution and then address how it’s going.

One: Explore two boutiques a month each quarter.

My goal at the end of First Quarter was to switch to on-line boutique hunting for a bit! I decided that even if Ebay and Etsy aren’t boutiques, the individual vendors are, so that’s the method I used for boutique-ing this quarter. I would look for an item, and then browse the other merchandise that vendor had listed. It proved VERY interesting. Some vendors are specialists and others list absolutely anything and everything. I think of them as kitchen-sink boutiques. You may find treasure, but it’s hard work! I had been pondering a replacement resolution for the second half of the year since boutique-ing is mostly on hold, but think I’ll keep at it for now!

Two: ALWAYS opt for pre-loved first.

This has taken a beating. Shopping pre-loved on line can be frustrating; sometimes you just can’t find what you need. At least not WHEN you need it! One of the best things to come from this resolution is a LOT of learning. You can read about that, here!

In order to make pre-loved work (Exceptions: Not underwear. Or running shoes.), I had to remember the original intention, which was to shop pre-loved FIRST. I was getting all perfectionist, and not buying items that were wardrobe builders, just because they were new. And I ended up buying some silly pieces because they were pre-loved. I can get carried away in either direction, so if I’m finally finding my balance, that’s cool with me.

Three: Do one Copycat/Style Springboard each month.

This resolution has been easy to keep! Here’s April through June’s Copycat Looks:

If you missed the posts and want to see the looks that inspired them, here’s April, and May, and June. For January through March, find them here!

So how about you? Did you make any resolutions for 2020? Have they been derailed, or has the adventures of this year made your resolutions easier? What were yours? Let me know how they are going, or if you’d like to join my on any of mine going forward! Which do you think would be easiest? Hardest? Do let me know in the comments below! There’s plenty of room…

Stylishly yours,

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