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2020 Style Resolutions 1.0

1st Quarter Check-In

Happy day, reader dearest!

I pray this post finds you safe, sound, and sane! With all this home-staying, I’m again noticing how time expands and contracts with our level of busy-ness. After the birth of number three son, I remember my mother-in-law saying “The days drag, but the years fly by.” At the time (With two in diapers and the oldest to walk to school daily with baby in the sling and number 2 in the stroller.), I thought she was crazy, but her words have proved truthful over and over again. Some people with whom I’ve been interacting are describing the exact opposite drag and fly during lockdown. The days fly by, with not enough time to cook, school, work, but that every week feels like a year.

To quote Dickens (?) “Time did her terrible dance…” We’ve survived the first quarter of the year. (Even if, as the memes say, “Today is March 378!”) The end of a quarter means it’s time for a resolution review. In this case, 2020 Style Resolutions. The funny thing is that some of my resolutions overlap with my seasonal bucket list… Hm. That is either fortuitous, or a sign.

One: Explore two boutiques a month in January, February, and March.

This was going nicely until March. At which point, boutique-ing came to a screeching halt. I had left this resolution open to change at the end of the quarter, but I want to go with it for another quarter and switch to on-line boutique hunting for a bit! Let me know if you have any suggestions to check out! Or ideas for a replacement resolution for the second half of the year…

Two: ALWAYS opt for pre-loved first. (Not underwear. Or running shoes. Can’t go there. #sorrynotsorry) So many questions this pre-loved resolution (And the previous!) has brought up. Do only pre-owned pieces count? Is buying from Ebay boutique-ing? Or not? What do you think?

So far, pre-loved has had mixed results! Some fabulous wins like this clutch I found for the Silver Scream Soiree… (More pics of the Soiree, here.)

And these pumps…

And a whole LOT of returns. I’m doing my best to support the USPS! Am I the only one who won’t buy from an Ebay seller that doesn’t take returns? I looked at a lovely tote, but I’m not spending $250 on an item I can’t return if it’s not right! Most recent example? Yesterday, I saw a darling Brooks Brothers dress I would love to try, but I’m not forfeiting the money if it doesn’t fit. It’s frustrating. The pieces I’m willing to lose $ on if they don’t work out (the really inexpensive ones), aren’t the ones I really need… Metaphor for life?

Three: Do one Copycat/Style Springboard each month.

This one has been a success! Here’s the three looks as copycatted so far:

The red skirt look is my absolute favorite of the three, and has been repeated and restyled quite a few times since. I wore the exact same outfit for a talk to the young ladies participating in the Miss U.S. Armed Forces pageant, and chuckled when I realized I was wearing the same outfit in my bio pic as for the talk… That’s okay! There’s nothing wrong with repeating!If you are interested in the outfits that inspired these, here’s January, February, and March.

Not a bad start to the year! How about you? Did you make any Style Resolutions? Or resolutions in general? How are they going? Has this whole #socialdistancing thrown you off your groove, or given you a new opportunity to regroup and start again? What counts as pre-loved or boutique-ing in your book? Please let me know! I do so love to hear from you.

Stylishly yours,

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