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Favorite Outfits of 2020

Happy day, reader dearest!

There’s Got to Be Something Fave about 2020, Right?

The year is winding down… And I can’t say I’ll be sad to the the back end of it! I know that New Year’s Day won’t erase all the struggles of 2020, but it does feel like a fresh start. I think most of us feel ready for one of those!

Each December, I take time to review the year to see what kind of progress I’ve made, both personally and professionally. And I post a best-of outfits post, chosen by my own rather vague criteria. If you want the social media likes faves, check out my Insta… I might do one for New Year’s. I’m ambivalent. What gets the most likes doesn’t make a fave in my book!

In the past, I’ve posted faves at the end of each capsule and chosen from those. I’m not sure if I wrote any of those posts this year! (Update: I wrote three! Winter, Spring and Summer. But when Fall came along, I fell right off the wagon.) Sooooo… I scrolled back through the year’s selfies, (Why I take a selfie every day and you should, too!) which gives a different view! I’ll explain as we go along… Let’s see if I can choose two from each season!


Picking favorite outfits is a bit like picking a favorite child… Winter was pretty easy! Three of the outfits I picked as I scrolled the year were already in the Winter Faves post.


You can see I’ve slid into #wfh casual territory here! I’m missing getting out and really missing wearing my jackets… I think the reason I like these two so much is that they both are great for my Overall Value, they’re light and that feels cheerful in a time that was looking rather gloomy. (The shorts outfit didn’t make my list of Spring Faves, but time changes how we look at things!)


Sometimes it’s hard to separate out if you like the outfit, or what you were doing the day you wore it… And that’s okay! Especially this year. The shorts outfit was for a museum day on our Capri Staycation and the dress was for our oldest grandson’s First Communion. Even masked and socially distanced, they were fabulous days! And fun outfits!


I really struggled for Fall! I loved my Fall Capsule Wardrobe, but for some reason not-so-much the outfits. (Gotta spend more time thinking about why that happened.) I don’t think it’s the outfits’ fault. Just that I was in a not so good place. I’m wearing my attitude boots in both looks!

Overall, these 2020 favorites were more relaxed #wfh style outfits aren’t what I would normally choose as faves. Thanks, Covid. Even if I normally work from home, I prefer dress up days. (Just adding a jacket to jeans is enough!)

How About You?

Do you take an end of year inventory? What do you examine? What has 2020 taught you? Are you looking forward to 2021?

All of us Chez Closet Play wish you and all yours a Healthy and Prosperous New Year! May 2021 be filled with only happy surprises!

Stylishly yours,


  • Leslie Susan Clingan

    Going to get in my closet with a good audio book this week and take a seriously good hard look at every single piece in there. Time to kiss some things good bye.

    Of all these great looks, there are two that I like best. The red in winter. Those tights and shoes…divine!! And that darling striped dress is spunky and fun for summer. Both looks are right up my alley.

    • Liz K

      Audio book? Hmmmm… I LOVE my audio books, but I have a feeling that neither the listening nor the working would get the attention they deserve! (Or the intentionality you seem to be looking for!) Maybe some music that makes you feel energetic or thoughtful, whichever you feel more necessary for the task at hand! I have a Pandora station I call French Cafe Radio that I love to listen to when I’m working in my closet! Spunky makes for fun looks in my book!

  • Lise

    I do make Faves List of items (not outfits) at end of Spring/Summer. Fall is practically non-existant, and winter is too long and boring (Polonecks and Cords daily). Happy New Year Liz!

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