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Fave Outfits for the Year

Happy day, reader dear!

And happy end of 2021!

I’m a look back/look forward kind of woman. Not because I’m nostalgic for the past, but simply because the end of the year is a natural time for both. A few years ago, I started sitting down with a reflection sheet during the last week of the year to help put the past 360-someodd days in perspective. Because for some of us, it’s easy to see what’s been left undone, where we’ve fallen short, AND so much harder to see our successes and pat ourselves on the back for our wins.

I’m hoping that this year my measuring stick is different. I’m looking at the world with a more forgiving and grace-filled lens and hoping to look at myself with the same…

My reflection/inventory doesn’t include style, but as style and fashion is an important part of my life, why not?

It’s time to look back for outfit wins and see what I can learn from them to carry forward into the new year.

Previous years, I worte about seasonal faves regularly. Until I discovered that end of season outfit faves might not be enough distance… (AND I forgot to write a few seasonal faves posts. Good grief!)

Instead, I’ve taken to reviewing the whole year and choosing faves that way.

Today I’ll be sharing two favorite outfits from each season. There’s no rhyme or reason to these. I don’t look for a skirt/dress outfit and one with jeans. Or work and play. (Because all those boundaries have blurred, haven’t they?) What did I like best from 2021?

Note: These are capsule seasons rather than calendar seasons.


These outfits are from last winter and therefore from last winter’s capsule wardrobe. Interestingly, the four pieces you see here are all in THIS winter’s capsule wardrobe as well. At least I’m consistent?

Same scarf tie for both! What does that say about me? The easy answer is I LOVE a one sided bow. (It’s Number 50 of the #scarfstylechallenge but not a new one to me.)


For more info about the capsule that made these two faves possible, read this! And yes, that jeans look was May’s Copycat Style.


This is a great example of faves not always panning out in the long run! I managed to write a Summer Capsule Faves post, and only the look with the black jacket made the cut.


For fall, you get three… I couldn’t pass up adding the concert look in the middle. Concert people! It’s been way too long.

Fall didn’t have a capsule, per se… I was in the middle of a wardrobe reboot, rebuilding my wardrobe starting with my 25 favorite pieces. Yes, I added items from my storage box as the season progressed!

Lessons Learned

  • White jeans rock my world.
  • Shift to pumps with jeans rather than boots/booties for day wear.
  • Style faves fell apart during the #fallscarfchallenge. It’s hard to love a look when it’s forced.
  • Doing Copycat Style posts is good for my style and finds me new faves.
  • Interesting layers are catching my eye.

Looking back at my Daily Dozen compared to what’s pictured here is illuminating… (Although, I need to keep in mind that my DD doesn’t factor in our Georgia summers.)

How About You?

Do you take annual stock? Or look back at what you’ve worn this year? (I don’t think you have to wait to year’s end to to so. Any time will do!) Do you find it easier to see your failings or your wins? Which of the looks do you like best? Do you try copycatting looks? Where do you find your inspiration? What’s your favorite shoe to wear with jeans? Do tell… I love to hear from you!

PS: Style Resolutions coming next week… Are you making any?

Stylishly yours,


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