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3 Benefits of a Wardrobe Audit

Happy day, reader dear!

I know that there are oodles of people out there decluttering, working on household projects, and cleaning out their closets. Maybe there are a few unexpected benefits to come out of all this #shelterinplace and #stayhome stuff…

One unexpected plus for me has been two day weekends! I normally work Saturdays because I have clients who work 9-5 M-F and can only schedule Saturday appointments. I’m okay with that, so I built Saturdays into my calendar and another day off during the week. But that weekday off day was never really off, so six days a week was my norm. That means I have reeeeally been enjoying my “long” weekends. Not sure how that’s all going to play out in the coming months. I’m getting spoiled.

If you have yet to tackle your closet, I would suggest that rather than just clean it out, you take the time and do a Wardrobe Audit. What’s the difference? There’s a mindfulness and intentionality to a Wardrobe Audit. You aren’t getting rid of things higgledy-piggledy or simply organizing your inventory. Wardrobe audit has a plan AND benefits! Doing a Wardrobe Audit helps you:

(1) Know What You Own

If you’ve ever watched Marie Kondo on Netflix, you understand what I mean when I say that we don’t know what we own. And often, what fits! Not just fits your body, but what fits your lifestyle. When you take it all out and pile it by category (shirts in one pile, trousers in another, dresses, etc.), you become acutely aware of how many pairs of black trousers you own, or how many pairs of jeans. How much inventory do you want to manage?

Taking it all out also makes you aware of what you actually wear. Those items you keep. Not the someday clothes. Not the black pants you keep passing over for your favorites. Will you wear Item X in the next month (or would you if you were going to work as usual)? As for all that out of season stuff? Box it up for later. It won’t go anywhere without you! Once you know what you have and wear, and get the deadwood out of the way, it’s much easier to see what is missing…

It’s amazing what you find in the depths!

(2) Identify Wardrobe Gaps

AND what would make what you already own work better! We call those missing pieces Wardrobe Gaps. One small item or accessory can be the missing puzzle piece that makes multiple outfits fall into place. Filling those gaps is the first step to a building yourself a versatile and practical wardrobe. What’s practical for you? Doing a thorough audit gives you the opportunity to evaluate what works for your lifestyle and get rid of what isn’t serving you. That allows you to…

What are you missing?

(3) Make Room for What Belongs

Knowing what you have and ID-ing those Wardrobe Gaps allows you to get rid of what doesn’t work for you with no guilt, because now you know what you need AND you have a plan. Clearing out makes more room for what does belong! Bonus: You might just find those lost holiday gifts and the missing cross-body strap to that handbag you like to take when you go on vacation. Yes, this is the time to re-home all those non-wardrobe items that have crept into your closet!

What surprises are hiding in your closet?

Convinced? Now that a Wardrobe Audit is in your near future, here’s a link to the Prep Work and the Closet Work. If that feels overwhelming and you need some encouragement, call for a free half hour Style Chat. Really! I don’t normally throw my services at you, but if you feel unprepared to go it alone, professional help is available, in person (Not right now, sadly!) AND virtually. Not only will you reap the benefits above, but a professional will show you how to combine what you have to flatter your unique self: what suits your shape, what colors make you glow and what should go…

Why not gift yourself a tidy wardrobe for Mother’s Day?

So how about you? Have you done any cleaning out this past month or two? Have you gone through your closet, or is that a no-man’s (or woman’s) land? What do you have (or think you have) in abundance? What might be lacking? Do you have what you need to head into the next season? Do let me know in the comments below… I love to hear from you!

Stay safe and sound, sane and stylish!



    Js this really your clost? My closet is twice the size so I’ve always felt I don’t have enough room for clothing. I’m embarassed to say, I have just Fall/Winter now (and it’s full!) and it will be changed out for Spring/Summer. I am no longer able to accomplish this alone. For several years now my best friend helps me. I just can’t keep doing this! She helped me just a year and a half ago to clear out my closet. Now it is filled again. I was so sick last year that many items haven’t even been worn! I am disabled and will only get worse unfortunatly unless the LORD intervenes. I realize I need to adjust my wardrobe to a new lifestyle but seem to be at a loss of how BUT after reading your site I believe I understand what needs to be done. I have a difference of how I was able to live to how I am now with 24 years on dialysis. I”m really enjoying your website! Thank you for all the practical advice you give. Your time is never wasted on your post!! Ever so grateful for your encouragement and responses to post!

    • Liz K

      Thank you for visiting, Natalie! I am all about practical. AND stylish! So many people seem to think you have to choose. I understand the need change. I have clients who find themselves differently abled (sometimes temporary, sometimes permanent) and need a wardrobe that works for the life they now live. If you clothes don’t work for you, they don’t deserve space in your wardrobe. BUT they can bless someone else for whom they may be perfect! People often wonder why I get so into the boring stuff like “How often can you do laundry?” but the answer to that question (and other similar ones) allows us to make informed and wise wardrobe choices. That’s good stewardship of His resources!

    • closetplayadmin

      Thank you for visiting, Jenine! I LOVE this question… It can be hard to see what you are missing. It’s that you-don’t-know-what-you-don’t-know trap. Filling those holes depends on what your lifestyle needs and what you already own. (Not on a list of 25 Wardrobe Must-Have’s) If you have a good handle on your personal style, then your missing pieces depend on what you want.

      If you want a seasonal update, then your missing items will be a few (Let’s say 3-5) trendy pieces.

      If you want to make your wardrobe more versatile, then your missing pieces will be easy to dress up or down. (Or be the accessories to make that happen!)

      If you want to go back to work after time at home, then your missing pieces are likely office attire.
      I’d love to help you figure out what’s not working for you! Schedule a free style chat; you’ll be amazed at what we can figure out in a half an hour!

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