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3 Fall Style Tips (For the Heat!)

Fall Style for Hot Weather

Happy day to you, dear reader!

I don’t know about you, but I am ready for fall. Fall weather. Fall clothing. Fall food. Meanwhile, our Augusta temperatures are usually still in the 90’s well into September and October. I feel fortunate to put on a sweater before November 1st. Trick-or-Treating is not a stroll in the cool evening air, but a hot and sweaty door to door slog.

So what’s a fall-loving girl to do? Here are three tips to help you get your fall groove on, even if the temperatures are still saying Iced Coffee rather than Pumpkin Spice Latte! The first two are non-trend specific, the last runs with some of fall’s biggest trends (discussed here) and how to play them your way in the heat.

Play with Color and Texture

When I pulled together my fall capsule, I traded out many of my pinks and aquas for their deeper cousins, the berries and teals. Most of the pieces I brought in for fall are lightweight multi-seasonal pieces, but those richer shades feel more fall. Suede and calf-hair shoes and accessories also reflect a cozier vibe. Another great way to shift is to choose darker metals and stones in jewelry. Unless you are tied to the shiny silver trend, gold, brass, and rose gold and pewter evoke autumn’s more subdued tones better than shiny silver. Look for pieces with darker beads or gemstones, and store away the beach motif pieces. Trade flowers for leaves, turtles for feathers, shells for acorns.

Transition Your Summer Wardrobe

Take those summer pieces, and add your fall accessories for a change without succumbing to heat stroke. I made this image last fall, and it’s still looking fresh and on point. I think I may need to try the look on the right with my denim dress in the next few weeks. The booties aren’t really my style (too leg shortening), but I’ll come up with a substitute! When I do, I’ll post it on Instagram for your amusement…

Fall/Winter 2018-2019

Some of this season’s trends are very warm weather friendly, others, not so much! Let’s talk color first. The all-white-looks are great for our heat, and help us get the most out of our white clothing! Monochromatic looks in shades of brown and the still head-to-toe red outfits are not season specific, so those are a great way to enter into the spirit of fall while still staying cool. And there’s no reason not to splash out on some leopard, or other animal print in fabrics that will work both now and later. The silver foil looks seem like they would be incredibly uncomfortable and heat trapping, but silver shoes, bags and jewelry are a great way to nod to the shiny-silver-sparkly trend. And sequins have no season!

The multiple layers and quilting trend is a good one to pass on. Unless you are very cold natured, those three and four coat looks will be a challenge even in December and January. If you love a layered look, sleeveless vests and cardigans, and lightweight scarves can give you the layers you crave without causing heat stroke. Scarves too much? Try layering different textured necklaces instead for a similar visual effect, and less warmth.

Plaids and menswear tailoring can be found in all weights. Don’t worry about looking for items you can wear in July. Three seasons is good enough in my book! If you can imagine wearing it from now through spring, it could be a good choice for you. Unless you are a tartan fan, or have a very classic personality style, avoiding the heavily red and green plaids that evoke holiday dressing will give you more wear for the next few seasons.

The 80’s Revival doesn’t speak to a particular season, so if that’s your groove, jump right in! Love leather? If it’s too hot for leather pants, think bags, boots, jewelry, and even skirts!

Last but not least, if the Western or Prairie Chic trend is your jam, that’s an easy one to adapt for our weather. Wear a prairie skirt with sandals now and boots later. Save the sweaters for November, and roll up the sleeves on a chambray shirt. Knot it at the waist if you are feeling sassy. Roll up your jeans to catch a breeze on your ankles, and pop on an off the shoulder blouse with some leather jewelry for a warm-weather version of the look. Belt the blouse (low slung) over your jeans for even more prairie flair.

Do you love fall dressing, or is another season your favorite? Which? Have any of these seasonal transition tips worked for you? Let me know in the comments below. I love to hear from you!

Stylishly yours,

Many thanks to the fabulous Shelbee at Shelbee on the Edge for generously hosting her Link-Up!

And to Nancy of Nancy’s Fashion Style, for the same! What would the weekend be like without you?





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