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3 Reasons to Want a Wardrobe Plan

Happy day, reader dear!

One of my goals for 2021 is to make these blog posts more bite-sized. I can ramble on, and I know that not everyone loves a ramble. Most of us are in Give me the facts, ma’am mode. Am I right? Do let me know how you feel about the ramble!

Anyway today I want to talk about Wardrobe Plans. I know, this sounds really geeky, but I am passionate about wardrobe planning. Mostly because an awesome wardrobe that supports your goals and makes you feel fabulous when you dress doesn’t happen by accident! Surprise. If feeling fabulous and being supported isn’t enough, here are three more reasons to plan your wardrobe.

BTW: If any of these aren’t on your goals for 2021, let me know. I want to find out more about how YOU have been doing life!

Save Money

Whether you are shopping in Dollars, Pounds, Euros or Yen, planning your wardrobe and shopping with a plan means less impulse buys and wardrobe orphans. Be careful not only to think bottom line when thinking money. You also need to take into account Cost Per Wear!

Save Time

Having a wardrobe plan also means less time spent shopping and fewer returns. You don’t wander around (or surf) looking for things and wondering if they will work with what you own… A plan allows you to search for what you know will work for you and your wardrobe. (AND you save time and $$$ on returns.)

More Outfits

Having a wardrobe plan means filling the gaps to make your orphans (If they should be kept and not adopted out elsewhere!) part of your working wardrobe. A wardrobe plan means you shop strategically rather than hit or miss; the outcome is a wardrobe with outfits that fall together. It’s about math. And the balance.

What Kind of Plan?

I help my clients create different kinds of plans depending on their lifestyle and what is already in their wardrobe, but the first thing to know is that the plan will always be in line with their Style Personality(ties) and Style Cocktail.

Some clients get a more formal plan, with specific items in specific colors. Maybe she needs a pair of wide legged grey wool trousers to make winter outfits with all her colored blouses for work. Other clients get a more relaxed plan. This client needs two neutral bottoms and four colored tops in her palette, but to be perfectly honest, she’s more likely to need a colored bottom and top to match!

How About YOU?

Having a plan is the difference between shopping for clothes and building a wardrobe. Both work. Which works best depends on you! Do you have a wardrobe plan? An idea of what you’d like your wardrobe to look like and how you want it to work for you? Or do you prefer to shop and see what strikes your fancy? Have you noticed any wardrobe orphans hanging out in your closet? What would you need to integrate them into the family? Do let me know… The logistics geek in me enjoys a good puzzle!

Stay safe and sound, sane and stylish, friend!



  • Leslie Susan Clingan

    Have so enjoyed all of your recent red outfits!! So cute. The red tights and shoes are perfection.
    This year I want to steer clear of buying something just because it is on trend or popular. I really need to try things on and be more discriminating about fit and whether I will truly get a lot of wear out of a piece. Dressing rooms have reopened around here, at least for today, so that should make life a little easier and shopping more successful.

    • Liz K

      Happy New Year, Leslie! I’ve been loving the red, too! It feels wonderful in the cold we’ve been having… I think MOST of us need to be more discriminating in our wardrobe choices, that’s the goal of sticking with my French 5 this year. Do you ask yourself the 30 question? “Will I wear this at least 30 times?” If the answer isn’t yes (except for special occasion wear), give it careful thought!


    I work with a general wardrobe plan. My goal for my wardrobe this year is to try to buy only items I need to complete outfits with what I own. I’m really a accessories person so I always allow for these!

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