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3 Tips for Simple Style with Wow!

Simple Doesn’t Mean Boring!

Happy day, Reader dearest!

What’s new with you? I’m over summer. Even if most of what I am wearing still looks like my summer wardrobe, I’m staying busy trying to give those summer looks a fall twist. (Of course, I DO have some Beauty Bundles up my sleeve to help with that!) I have wonderful childhood memories of fall and of back-to-school shopping. That may explain my preference for fall style and fall fashion. Even if most of that shopping was for uniform items…

This fall, I haven’t done much shopping. Except for shopping my closet. Yes, that’s where I always start, but this fall, I went about building my capsule from a different angle. Rather than starting with an inspiration board and color, I started with the pieces I knew I wanted to include and worked backwards to see where that would take me.

This backward (for me) approach, couples with a more minimal (than maximal) feel this season. And a desire for a more womanly look. Think simple, feminine AND grown up.

When I say minimal, I don’t mean a mininal aesthetic, or a need to limit myself to all black, white, denim and grey. Nor do I see it as a challenge to live with as few items as possible (Although… I am the girl who needs some item limits.) Rather than minimal, maybe the word the word simple is the place to start?

What Is Simple Style?

The trick of simple style is that you get to define simple for YOU! It’s time for me to look back and re-define what Simple Style means to me, and how that is going to play out in my style and my wardrobe as I rebuild from a reboot. I don’t need a whole new wardrobe for Simple Style, mostly a few changes to how I put together an outfit.

That said, here are three actions to to take if you are looking to simplify your style without getting bored OR want to add some interest to your style without getting all “fancy.”

Select Interesting Pieces

Interesting doesn’t have to mean bold patterns or flashy rhinestones. Although… If that’s your thing, rock it! When I bought this blouse, I knew it was going to be an outfit maker, or you might say a Wardrobe Wonder. It makes an outfit all by itself!

Combine Colors

Colorblocking is big again this fall, and you don’t have to go all crazy with the accessories to create interest. Let color do it for you! (Black isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.) I don’t mean adding a color to a neutral. I mean wearing two colors, preferably two that suit you!

Pattern mixing is another easy way to create super style without a lot of fuss! For some tips, check out the video in this post. To keep a pattern mix look simple, keep the accessories subtle. Like in this look…

Choose Your Statement

Pick ONE. Here’s a fave look from summer reworked for fall and business. This look is all about the fuschia earrings. (And the drape of the blouse.) Keeping the rest of the outfit simple lets the details shine. (Like those earrings could hide!) Picking one statement, like the earrings here, or the blouse in the first picture, let’s the statement shine and keeps the rest of the look simple.

How About You?

What does simple style mean to you? Are you more of a minimalist or a maximalist when it comes to your style? Does that change by season? Or has it changed with the years? Does style not factor into your definition of simplicity at all? Is simplicity a goal or an idea that speaks to you? What would you like to simplify in your world? Do tell… I love to hear from you!

Stylishly yours,

From a proponent of simplicity…



    I am probably more a maximalist than a minimalist. And I like prints and color. So the first outfit speaks to me most. That is a fabulous blouse. I like that you unbuttoned it a bit from the hem up. Great jeans, too. You look polished but not over the top. That Morris quote is spot on. Have begun lightening up my seasonal decorations and other things. But still have a whole lot of clothes that are not getting worn. Need to make myself get dressed in real clothes every day.

    • Liz K

      Thank you for popping in, Leslie! I love that blouse; it’s one of the pieces I’d grab if the house were on fire… And why it made it into my Wardrobe Reboot. I try to hold onto the Wm Morris quote whenever I go shopping. I’m trying to be WAY more intentional about what I bring into my wardrobe, my home and (foodwise) my body.

  • Lise

    Thanks for your reply Liz. Yes I agree. I do still need drama in my outfits from jewellery, just not big earrings (maybe so close to my hair??). Also got two new pairs of bold specs, one in wine and one in purple – previously wore small silver ones that were just making me feel insignificant lately, I love the new ones, which are more contrast-y next to my hair, and then with big earrings just too much for me. I have realised that with the silver hair it really is necessary to accessorise with interesting jewellery (rings, cuffs especially) so that my look is still funky and not frumpy IYKWIM.


    Liz, I’m so looking forard to your ne style and Fall capsule!! Had a great eekend.!! Had a hard eek. My husband and I had our booster shots. Not feeling ell for several days afterard but still glad e have them!!

  • Sally in St Paul

    Love the magenta and blue colorblocked look with the leopard shoes! I’m not feeling simple, grown-up, or ready for fall with my style…I’d like the goofy excesses of summer style to continue indefinitely this year!


    Liz, Happy Saturday!! I to have very fond memories of my mother and I shopping for back-to-school clothing and going for lunch and late at night before e left for home e ould alays stop into a French bakery and buy some items. hat a great time in my life! Perhaps that is hy I’m so found of Fall clothing. I started off simple hen I as still unmarried in my 20’s ith the best quality money could buy! Married in my 30’s I remained simple but by the end of my 30’s my style as a little trendy and remained so until my forties. Then I’ve gone back to simple. No in my mid-fifties I’m simple-simple. Time is funny ho e change back to here e started in so many ays. My mother taught me correctly but it took me ahile to alays realize that truth!! I pray ALL your family has a very Blessed eekend!!

    • Liz K

      Oh, my! Stopping by a French bakery would have made that B2School shopping even more fabulous! (No French bakeries when and where I grew up. LOTS of Danish bakeries, though. YUM!) It’s natural that our style evolves and changes with our life. The weekend was lovely; hope yours was, as well!

  • Lise

    I am also drawn to more simple style in the last year or so. I have always been about bold color and patterns. Last year I gravitated towards earthy colors and now I really prefer a cool gray or navy over anything else. Wonder if this is a sign of the times we live in? Or maybe as my silver hair is taking center stage I feel like I don’t need flashy colors or huge earrings to draw attention…. Interesting!

    • Liz K

      You may be finding that those less bold colors and patterns allow YOU to shine rather than drawing attention to themselves, Lise. When our coloring softens, the colors that help us look our best change as well. I used to look amazing in black but it hasn’t been my friend for many years now. A touch here and there, but head to toe just creates a body focus rather than a face focus. But I’ll still take the huge earrings; I like a little drama in my outfit! (Even drama can be simple…)

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