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3 Ways to Soften a Classic Look

Shift Classic and Let Your Personality Shine!

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Are you bored with your wardrobe? I think that may be the main complaint I hear from women about their closets… That, and that they need help thinning the crowd. (I LOVE both of these parts of my work!) Helping someone rediscover what they have and fall in love with it again is always rewarding. A Wardrobe Audit is also a falling in love again, by getting out the unloved weeds that are choking the creative process.

I’m-bored-with-my-wardrobe Syndrome, can be attributed to a variety of causes, but it often boils down to a lot of Classic pieces combined in very traditional ways causing a stale or bored feeling. Today I want to talk about ways to spice up (or shift) that Classic look to add a different personality twist.

Let’s start with a very Classic look. Some might call it neutral prepster.

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Each version will change this look simply by playing with color, and by tweaking the personality of the earrings… First, let’s swap out the Classic striped oxford shirt for something in a more earthy color that a Relaxed personality might prefer. We’ll take down the black shoes and belt to a softer and less harsh brown, and trade the white button pearl earrings for a more organic looking pair.

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Style It: Imagine the sleeves on the blazer pushed up, and the shirt cuffed out over the jacket. All of a sudden this goes from strictly Classic to Classic with a Relaxed bent!

Next we’ll take that first look and change the color of the blazer from Classic navy to a softer more Feminine pink. The shoes and belt swap to a soft metallic sheen, add a oversized earring to take the look into Classic Feminine (with a twist of Dramatic) all rolled into one.

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Style it: This woman will roll up her 501’s so you can see her dainty ankles. Her collar will be pulled out and over the jacket, and her sleeves and cuffs will also be pushed up and rolled to the outside. She’s not one to be trifled with, (The Classic lines and structure make that clear.), but she’s both bold and approachable. That’s a winning combination!

And if Feminine and Dramatic is too girly and out there for you, how about a more subdued Elegant Chic combination?

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The blush silk blouse, shoes, and belt all reflect the lighter and softer tones of an Elegant Chic. The earrings are oversized and modern, and the jacket is a medium neutral with interesting lines and a softer structure that balances the military green, even if the color of the jacket and jeans are darker than she might prefer…

Hmmmm… How about you? Do any of these looks speak to you? I’m thinking I might need to do this same exercise with Creative, Dramatic, and Rebellious? Does that sound interesting? Do let me know your thoughts in the comments below… I love to hear from you!

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