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3 Ways to Style a Floral Dress

Fall/Winter Edition

Happy day, dear reader!

Last year and this, I included a floral dress in my Winter Capsule Wardrobe. Some people think floral dresses are only for spring and summer. Well, let’s set the record straight. You can wear a floral dress all year long… It’s about the floral and how you style it! The simplest option is to choose a floral dress with a darker background. Floral prints on a white or light ground feel more spring and summery. I have two floral dresses with dark backgrounds. The bold floral I’ve had for years; it made itself extra useful last fall through spring. Sadly, the color and long sleeves make it too heavy for our Georgia summers. The smaller print made an appearance in Spring 2019 and stayed through fall. Its ultra lightweight fabric is great for our warm weather, but not so much for the chilly temps we’re having this fall. So read on for a couple of Outfit Recipes to try to get more use out of your floral dress!

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70’s Vibe: Dress + Heeled Boots + Blazer

I have been loving the semi-70’s vibe of a dress topped with a blazer and finished with high boots. For some reason it reminds me of Jane Fonda in The China Syndrome… (Even if I don’t see a single movie still of her in an outfit like this!) Grab a hobo style bag rather than a tote if you want to take it even more 70’s.

Co-Ed Cool: Dress + Tights +Boots + Pullover

A dress with a cardigan or jacket is not a big surprise, but wearing a pullover sweater is less expected. It’s a great way to turn a dress into a skirt. Visually, that is! The look below might qualify as another throwback… If you swapped heeled loafers for the boots and added a floppy felt hat it would feel more Ali McGraw from Love Story (but) without all the earthtones.

Gamine: Tights + Flats + Cardigan Sweater

A dress with tights and flats is a classic look, but one that many women find too “young.” I (personally) don’t understand why. If you think a dress is only for “dressy” occasions, flats might feel underage, but think about Jackie Kennedy, and oodles of other women from the 50’s and early 60’s. A dress was nothing “dressy.” It was simply something you wore instead of pants or shorts. If I had dark ballet flats, I’d have paired them with this look, but these MaryJanes were the closest thing in my closet. A cute oxford would also look darling here and even more relaxed than a ballet flat. Add a beret if you are feeling Continental! And a jean jacket if you need an extra layer…

I could imagine wearing this look sightseeing in almost any town or city. Perfect for walking miles museum hopping and out for a meal. Relaxed and comfortable, but still put together…

So how about you? Do you wear dresses? During all seasons, or only the warm ones? Why do you think that’s your M.O? Is it something from your childhood? (I know this sounds like therapy, but it’s good to understand where our habits originate… It’s part of Mindful Dressing!) Please let me know your thoughts! I do so love to hear from you…

Stylishly yours,

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