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3 Ways to Rock the Shawl Trend

Styling a Blanket (Or Large) Scarf

Happy day, Reader Dearest!

It’s almost here!

Thanksgiving, that is. The fridge is stuffed full and there’s a turkey thawing in a cooler in the garage. If we’re lucky, there will be a chill in the air to make roasting the bird feel seasonally appropriate. (Although in Georgia, that’s always iffy.)

If the weather does seasonally appropriate, I’m likely to play with two style trends over the long weekend. My plan is to rock the Dress-over-Pants trend I wrote about earlier this month on Thanksgiving Day (Because it’s a perfect combo of comfort and a little zhuzh.) and the Oversized Shawl/Blanket Scarf trend for jaunts outside.

More than once, I’ve been asked, How do you wear an oversized shawl or blanket scarf without the babushka vibe? Let’s tackle that today!

Something to Ponder: If you are taking one of these looks out and about, think about how you like to carry your purse! All these stylings work well with a hand-held bag. Some work with a crossbody as it can help hold your scarf in place. A shoulder bag creates issues. Sigh. You’ll be able to see why in just a minute…


Tip: Avoid styling this look with a silky blouse underneath. You’ll experience slippage and frustration all the day long. I find this look easiest with a large folded triangle… Watch the volume if you are petite!

I like to fold the inside edge over a bit like a shawl collar to help pull the volume in and give it intentionality.

This styling also looks amazing UNDER a coat to add warmth and a touch of color! (Pull the shoulder area up to prevent bunching under the arms.)


Works with both triangle folds and a looser large rectangle. Belted styling works beautifully over jeans, dresses and also looks fabulous over a coat! I like to cross over the front pieces for a more tailored look, but you can leave them open as well.

Tips: Don’t catch the back in the belt, only the front. You’ll need to pull out a bit under the arms to allow for movement. (Otherwise you’ll find you can’t lift your arms… That’s what happened the first time I tried to wear this red scarf belted!) You create a sleeker look, wrap the flaps around to the back like I did below.

This also looks fabulous draped over one shoulder diagonally and belted front and back. (These two scarves are too long for me to do that.)


Pinning takes any blanket scarf/shawl into poncho-y looking territory. (Also trending!) I prefer a kilt pin rather than a brooch here. It stands up better to the weight and thickness of this season’s go big or go home looks. Save your heirloom brooches for smaller scarves OR wear them in multiples on a jacket for maximum impact.

I like to create a gathered look when I pin up my shawl, but you may prefer something more sleek. You do you!

Tips: You can find blanket/kilt pins in all kinds of finishes at any fabric store in the notions department!

Note: A pinned look can add volume to the chest and tummy area. If you are trying to avoid that, throw one end over your shoulder to the back and then pin. Or smooth the two front panels down and pin as in the first image below.

Need some more blanket scarf inspo?

How About You?

What’s your weather doing? Is scarf season upon you? If not, do us both a solid and Pin this to refer to when scarf season does come around! Which of the three styles might you try? Or do you already have in your scarf styling arsenal? Do let me know in the comments below! I love to hear from you… And BTW, are you team jellied cranberry sauce or team fresh?

Stylishly yours,


  • Anna, UK

    Thanks for inspiring me to try out my blanket scarf from last year! I had fun with the options but in the end decided it’s basically too faffy. Unless you are just sitting/standing still, anyway 😉

    • Liz K

      Scarves are frequently an issue for those with a low faff threshold, Anna! I’m glad you gave it a try anyway and had fun! That’s what it’s all about, and why I called it Closet Play. 😉

  • Cindy Clark

    Love that red scarf Liz! Am I correct in thinking that that because the scarf adds volume up top, you should go slim on the bottom, i.e. straight or skinny pants vs. wide leg pants & skirts?

    • Liz K

      I LOVE this question, Cindy! Since you’re belting here, I wouldn’t worry too much about the volume on the top. It’s really going to depend on how bulky the scarf is and how wide the trousers are. Creating that waist helps prevent the blob effect you can get with volume over volume.

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