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3 Ways to Style an Animal Print Dress

Happy day, reader dear!

With animal print absolutely everywhere this fall (It’s looks like a safari every time I go into a store.), I thought it past time to tackle 3 Ways to Style with an animal print dress. Now, my animal print dress is years old, and has been included in every capsule wardrobe I have pulled together since I started this blog. Not only is it old, it is unusual in that it is a cool animal print. Most of the animal prints you see out there are warm toned, meaning warm undertoned: based on tan or camel. I’m not knocking warm animal prints; I LOVE them! They just don’t work for me and my cool coloring.

If you have warm coloring and a warm animal print, run with the teal and change the accessories to gold! You might want to exchange the plum I show here for a warm red, or for a more subtle look, a toasty wine. I’d really love to see a warm animal print with coral, and gold accessories! Calling Amanda Hallay!

So let’s get styling. And just so you know, all these pieces are in my Fall 2019 Capsule, or are part of my year ’round Special Occasion Capsule. This is not an ad, nor have any of the pieces been gifted or borrowed. I post real life style, my dears!

For Work

My work is rather creative, so I can wear a moto jacket with a dress. If your work situation is more conservative, trade out the moto jacket for a cardigan or a blazer! A grey blazer with this dress is perfectly office-worthy. And for goodness’ sake, add a scarf with some color!

For Play

Here’s why I always travel with a dress! (I can count my dress-less trips on one hand.) A dress dresses up or down easily. These shoes can walk for miles and the sweater can be a scarf or an extra layer for those chilly museum exhibit rooms. This look can take you all over town and out to dinner with polish. I will wear a dress to the grocery store, or almost anywhere else. I would pop on grey tights and boots or booties with this same look to take it into chillier weather!

For Party (A Date, Perhaps?)

And the same dress for date night? Or a daytime wedding? Of course! I’ll add rose gold heels, blush pearls and a red lip and nails. The bunched up scarf? It’s perfect to tie into a shrug to cover my shoulders at church or take off a chill as the evening cools… What bag would I carry here? Probably my pewter metallic clutch. It may not “match” my outfit, but it goes with my hair, and my hair goes with me wherever I go!

If you are looking for more leopard amusement, check out One Dress Five Ways, an old post where I pulled OOTD shots to show some of the many ways I have worn this same dress. It is definitely near the top of my smart Cost Per Wear winners list! How about you? Is animal print in your present? Or your future? How do you wear yours? In little touches, or all over? Do let me know in the comments below… I love to hear from you!

Stylishly yours,

PS: Here’s a bonus of three more ways I’ve worn this dress more recently!


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