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3 Ways to Style Metallic Pumps

Plus a Few Bonus Looks!

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Last summer and fall, I was jonesing for a pair of silver pumps. It took a while to find the right ones. I wasn’t looking for high heels; I wanted an everyday pair. I know everday-silver-pumps sounds like an oxymoron to many, but I love a metallic shoe! Metallics aren’t just for evening. When you choose a neutral that mirrors your hair color, they’re a fabulous neutral to wear almost anywhere! Silver and gold aren’t your only choices. If you are looking for something more subdued, there’s pewter, bronze, brass, burnished gold, copper, and the oft seen “platino.” My grey hair (I think of it as pewter with silver and pearl highlights…) is pretty shiny, and I love a statement shoe, so I went with a bright silver crackle finish block heeled pump. (That is a lot of adjectives for one simple pair of shoes!)

If mine don’t speak to you, maybe one of these will…

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Play It! Jeans + Tee

I feel like the first default for styling almost anything that isn’t jeans or a tee, is to try it with jeans and/or a tee! That tee might be a casual logo tee, or a finely knit cashmere tee. Choose the one that speaks to you! Same for the jeans. My old cropped and frayed Levis’ 501’s are my faves, but there’s a good chunk of the year that it’s just too darned hot here in Georgia for my beloved 501’s, so I make do with other choices in warmer weather.

My favorite is the neckerchief look, but since many people feel constricted with one around the neck, I threw in the necklace look for the scarf averse. The juxtaposition of a tee, jeans, and shiny metallic pumps feels modern and sassy, but if that’s too jarring to your sensibilities and personality, try replacing the tee with a blouse… It’s a bit more adult, but still has an edge.

Work It! Trousers + Blouse

In this work look, the shoes make most of the statement, so everything else is kept pretty simple… Silver sparkle at the ears to balance the silver shoes, grey plaid trousers, a blush silk blouse, and a classic metal watch. Simple. Sleek. Stylish.

Play It! With a Suit (Le Smoking)

This would be my variation on Le Smoking… My “tuxedo”! I have a black suit jacket I could wear, but would probably opt for this navy instead. The look is softer and less formal. With the pearl ring, sparkly hoops and bangles, and bright lip, it still packs a punch. AND has a heel I can play in all evening long!

For a more casual and relaxed going-out look, why not pair those pumps with the frayed jeans, a satin cami, and a cardigan. Add some sparkles, and you’re casual, comfortable, and special.

How about you? Do you own metallic shoes? Are they an everyday shoe, or only for special occasions? How do you style yours? Did you find any new ideas here for your shoes? Let me know the answers to any and all of these questions in the comments below! It’s always a treat to hear from you…

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