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3+ Ways to Style White Jeans

And 3 Tips to Keep Them Clean!

Happy day, reader dear!

I don’t know about where you live, but summer here in the south means white jeans. I’m good with that! I didn’t used to be. Until we moved here, I had owned only one pair of white jeans, which I could wear for my job at a doctor’s office. I had never been much of fan of white, but this year it is ruling my wardrobe. White on white made a big splash last fall, and I’m going to run with it this season since it feels cool and totally natural for the summer!

Are white jeans a summer staple where you live?

1. Achromatic

Achromatic means “without color.” An achromatic look could be black, white, grey, or any combination of the three. It’s a regular favorite on Pinterest, and many bloggers will tell you you can’t go wrong with black and white. I don’t agree, but I’m not many bloggers. If your coloring is cool, bright, clear and high contrast, awesome. For most of the rest of us, it creates a body focus rather than a face focus. And where would you rather people focused their attention? Climbing off soapbox now. Creating black and white look. Here you go…

No, I couldn’t just leave it black and white… #sorrynotsorry
Clothing and shoe images from Nordstrom. Jewelry images from Premier Designs.

For the High Value Contrast woman, you can just keep replicating this look with different silhouettes of top and jean, and changing the accessories color. If your coloring is cool, avoid the corals and oranges and opt for bright pink. If your Value Contrast is lower, step down the contrast between the black and white with a mid-range value color as your accent, or change the color of your top. If you can’t bring yourself to add colored accessories, at least run with a bright lip. Please?!

2. Nautical

White jeans are always a popular choice for a nautical look. Nautical doesn’t only have to mean navy and white, but it is a summer favorite.

You knew I wasn’t just going to leave it navy and white, didn’t you?
Clothing and shoe images from Nordstrom. Jewelry images from Premier Designs.

The reason I keep adding color is that color is one of the most powerful tools in the style toolbox, and most people look their best in some color! Read more about Color Contrast to find out why…

All the looks above have been very classic; now it’s time to try to branch out a bit into some less classic, preppy, or sportif looks. Summer style lends itself to that, but I want to get more interesting, and still wearable!

3. White on White

You have to be careful with white on white… And I don’t just mean where you choose to sit! Straight cut white jeans and a standard button down shirt can come across as sterile and cold. Let’s soften the look with interesting silhouettes and fabrics, like the gathered eyelet blouse, or the wrap.

I want ALL of these! #lustlist
Clothing and shoe images from Nordstrom.

If you are looking for ways to wear White Jeans + a White Tee or White Jeans + Classic White Shirt, pop on over to this blog post about Beauty Bundles, and try your white on white with any of the ideas over there. Let’s keep you out of the cold and sterile!

Bonus: White + Sunset Colors

I love how white looks with all the amazing sunset and safari colors that are hot (no pun intended) this summer!

These colors are going to be moving into fall, as well! There will be another post about that in the next month or so… But here’s the outfits inspired by these colors.

None of the mustards, although they’d fit right in here!
Clothing and shoe images from Nordstrom. Jewelry images from Premier Designs.

Tips for Wearing White

(1) Watch where you sit. This should be obvious, but take a look before you sit down, and grab a napkin or wet wipe before parking your tushie. Another great way to manage this is to tie a bandana around the handle of your bag (always chic) and use it to sit on if a surface seems iffy…

(2) Don’t be a drag(ger)! Keep white jeans cropped or cuffed if they are narrow. If wide, make sure they are hemmed to not drag on the ground. Watch your heel height. They will never come clean if you step on them and grind in the dirt!

(3) Carry chalk. Yes, plain old white chalkboard chalk. It can cover a multitude of sins. Just chalk over the stray pencil mark. If you splash yourself with grease (salad dressing?) give it a good chalking to help absorb the grease until you get home and pop those jeans in the laundry. I learned this one when wearing a white summer uniform five days a week for months on end.

Do you wear white jeans? What’s your favorite vibe? Are you more Classic? Relaxed? Sleek and Chic? What white challenges do you face? Do let me know in the comments below! And have a fabulous week!

Stylishly yours,


  • Lisa

    I bought a white denim skirt this season instead. I’ve mostly gone with dark shades on top—olive green, navy and cayenne.

    • closetplayadmin

      Glad to help! Even if it wasn’t as achromatic as it should be… I couldn’t resist adding a splash of color!

  • blurooferika

    Carrying chalk is a great tip. Am working up the nerve to wear all white this summer. Still not there yet…Have a great week, Liz.

    • closetplayadmin

      I did the all white last week, and am waiting for the rain to let up before I do it again! We’ve been swamped with storms for days now, very unfriendly to white jeans… Thanks for the visit! Hope to see you again!

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