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4 Season Style: White Jeans

Happy day, reader dear!

In the Northern Hemisphere, we are getting peeks (albeit tiny ones) of spring. I know many are waiting impatiently for spring to be sprung; thoughts are turning to brighter colors (Like the ones in this post!), lighter layers, stripes, and white jeans. Now, I wear my white jeans all year long. We’ve been seeing them more and more in fall and winter over the past 5 years. If that sounds great to you, but you are unsure how to make white jeans work year ’round, today I’m sharing some outfits and tips.

If you are new to Closet Play, welcome! Please feel free to Pin or share with your friends on social media! I love an introduction to new people; it’s good for me and the blog… If you have been reading for a while and remember another white jeans post, kudos to you and your awesome memory! You can find that link here with other warm weather styling ideas. (AND a bonus tip on staying clean in white!)

So let’s start styling with Winter! (Since it should be with us a bit longer…)

The trick to keep white from looking cold and sterile is combining shades and textures. Here the ribbed ivory sweater adds visual warmth, as do the suede booties, cozy grey scarf and rose gold jewelry accents. (Silver would look frostier!) Top it off with a wine moto jacket for physical warmth and you’re good to go. If your coloring is warm rather than cool, swap the greys and wines for tans and cognacs. (I’d add a little leopard for fun!)

Now onto Spring! (You get two… I couldn’t resist.)

The first look is a classic; stripes make an appearance every spring. Gold and navy feel oh so nautique, and I took advantage of two accessories trends with this look: HUGE chain link necklaces are a fun and easy way to drop a 2020 vibe onto a classic look. I don’t have one (yet), so I doubled up another necklace to create some bulk and extra shine near the face. LONG necklaces are also going to be very popular, so I threw this pendant on the longest chain I had. Note to Self: Stop in the lighting department at the hardware store for a fan pull for an inexpensive long ball chain!

For those of you who want (NEED!) more color, how about a minty top paired with some pops or red? Yes, you do see the same gold hoops in both pictures. Hoops are another classic having a spring renaissance moment, so break yours out and rock them!

Let’s get some Summer cool going…

I’m working with what I have in my out-of-season storage box, so a sleeveless ruffled blouse paired with the white jeans keeps a long cool line. any tank or tee would work here, too! I’d love a white peasant blouse… Sigh. Espadrilles (especially with an ankle tie for 2020) are always a summer staple, and straw bags are showing no signs of being any less popular than last summer… Although this year’s version won’t be the tiny cross-body circle bags. Expect much LARGER!

If you want to take spring’s colorful look into summer, cuff the jeans, swap the flats for sandals (or red espadrilles!), and add the straw bag for a colorful and relaxed summer variation!

Finally, let’s warm up to Fall style!

Grab a blouse to top your white jeans, and accessorize with some suede pumps, and textured jewels, especially those with a leafy motif. I tend toward rose gold in the shoulder seasons of spring and fall, and silver in summer and winter. I topped this combo with a deep green wool jacket, but until the weather cools, I’d be more likely to wear my brown cropped jacket. If your coloring is warm, I’d swap the grey pumps for brown or leopard. Bronze metallic shoes would be AMAZING with this, too! If you are warm, don’t forget to trade the grey beads for something more flattering to your complexion. Think natural wood or tortoise shell… Lovely!

So how about you? Do you wear white jeans? Are yours season specific, or do they stay in rotation year ’round? Could you see yourself in any of these looks? Which? I am such a nosy parker! Do let me know your thoughts in the comments below! I love to hear from you…

Stylishly yours,


  • Leslie Susan Clingan

    I have been very timid about wearing white jeans in the winter. But laid out an outfit to wear with them for tomorrow or over the weekend. Will see if it happens. I am glad for your suggestions and encouragement. Love the straw/wicker/rattan bag, BTW.

    • closetplayadmin

      Hi, Leslie! It’s important to choose the white jeans in winter day well… No slush or ugly weather! I’ll wear mine cuffed with booties if the weather is dodgy. Hope to see yours on your site! My mom bought that straw bag back in the late 1970’s when we lived in Venezuela from a store that specialized in native peoples handcrafts. I’m going to have to double check what else she has in her storage space… Thanks for the reminder!

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