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5 More Ways to Style a White Tee

Wishing you a most happy day, dear reader!

Last week I worked up 5 Ways to Style a White Tee and Jeans for my daughter-in-law. Small problem: I had far more than five ways, although not all with jeans! So, please don’t think your white tee has to be relegated to only being worn with jeans… I love how a white tee can really relax a look. Here’s some non-jeans versions that run the gamut from “dressy” to casual! As usual, no edits here. Just me and my iPhone camera. This is real life people, so let’s get stylin’!

Quick reminder: Make sure you customize your white tee for your figure! Choose one in your white! Buy the neckline that suits you best, and choose a tee that skims the body, not too tight or loose. ( I snagged the crew neck here from my husband’s drawer… It’s too big.) Tuck in or nip in the excess; a man’s undershirt is not cut for any woman’s body! Roll those sleeves so that they end in a flattering spot. Last and definitely not least, press or steam your tee for a polished look!

Work 2.0 = White Tee + Suit + Loafers: The key here is to accessorize differently than you would for a regular work day. If your normal work look is with pumps and pearls, try loafers, a chunky watch and bold earrings. If you wear your standard, it will look like you forgot your shirt… You want your look to say “I meant to do this!”

I couldn’t resist trying two different earring looks! (And I had to change the shoes.) I know the second earrings are a bit much, but for some of us, a bit much is just right…


Channeling Chanel = White Tee + Dark Trousers + Masses of Pearls: Shoes here are up to you… Add a chain bag if you can find one! A ballet flat works. So would sling backs, or a pump. A cap-toed pump would be sweeeeeeet. I could totally see this look for work as well, in a more relaxed business environment. If your work situation is more formal, top it with a jacket for a variation on Work 2.0. This pearly look is fabulous with jeans, too!

Urban Cool = White Tee + Dress Trousers + Sneakers: To belt or not to belt? Depends on your body shape, and how your tee fits. The half-tuck keeps it extra relaxed. I tried to make a serious face here, because cool is serious business, but I just came out looking goofy!

Here’s the details that make it… Rose gold earrings and a petite necklace in the vee to reference the sneakers. A wrapped wire ring, and a thin studded belt.

Sporty = White Tee + Shorts + Sneakers + Casual Watch + Canvas Tote/Backpack: Ready for anything from watching the littles play soccer, to a picnic in the park. Why yes, I’d love a dry rose with my charcuterie board! Or a glass of red with my submarine sandwich… No, I wouldn’t be wearing eyeliner for that kind of outing, but washing my face and reapplying makeup for a shoot is not my style. I’ll change lipstick colors, but that’s as fancy as I get! I call a colored shoe a Style Staple, whether sandals, sneakers or pumps.

(Just ignore those air conditioning units in the background!)

Beachy = White Tee + Colored Shorts + Flat Sandals + Hoops +Canvas Tote/Straw Bag: This look is relaxed, but not sloppy! Save the flip-flops or water shoes for the actual beach trip.

How about you? What’s your favorite way to style a white tee? Do you prefer a v-neck, or crew? Do any of these looks feel like you? What color tee is a staple in your wardrobe? And why? I love to hear your thoughts! Let’s start a conversation in the comments below…

Stylishly yours,

Many thanks to St. Augustine of Canterbury Episcopal Church for allowing me to photograph on their beautiful grounds!

And the same to the BA Shelbee at Shelbee on the Edge for her fab Friday Link-Up festival!


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