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5 Pieces for Holiday Style

Happy day, reader dear!

Here we come a wassailing… The holiday season is bearing down like a freight train! Along with the celebrations comes the dilemma of “What to Wear?”

I am firmly convinced that the popularity of the Ugly Christmas Sweater (UXS) has to do with the fact that it takes everyone off the sartorial hook. If you wear one, “You made an effort.” And if you don’t like them “You’re a spoilsport.”

UglyXS notwithstanding, there are SOOOO many options for festive AND flattering out there. The UXS is rarely either! So what do I look for in a client’s closet when we are looking to pull together some quick holiday looks from what she already owns? HINT: All are variations on the Style Staples. Just with a little extra ooomph!

If I were to pop over to your house some afternoon to help you prep for that party, here’s what I would look for…

If brooches scare you, read this!

Let’s start at the top! After the Ugly Christmas Sweater, the easy default is holiday jewelry, but holiday jewelry doesn’t have to be red or green. Or snowman themed. Nor does it need to light up. As a matter of fact, I’d prefer it didn’t! If you love novelty pieces,though, run with it! You do you. But if they don’t feel right, that’s okay, too. The subtle sheen of pearls is reminiscent of snowballs. The sparkle of crystal speaks ice. Floral motifs play like snowflakes. Garnets, rubies, and emeralds warm the crayon shades of the season. Gold and silver evoke tree tinsel.

Faux Fur Scarf

A faux fur scarf is awesome! A shawl, vest, or other cozy piece works, too! Natural colors are not required. As a matter of fact, with faux, sometimes the less natural, the better… I would pair this blush pink scarf with white jeans or ivory trousers, a white or ivory top, rose gold pumps and hoops. Done. Holiday style doesn’t always require red, green, or blue. And you can certainly be more creative than black! Try combining your favorite holiday hue with ivory, blue, grey, or any other neutral. Here are some examples from previous years that still stand the test of time!

Beaded Clutch (or Small Bag)

I bought this little number last year for our son’s wedding. I bought his bride one in bright red (Red is her favorite color), and my other daughter-in-law one in olive. Matchy would have been creepy; now each of us has a memento of the day and a cute bag for those occasions when a little extra sparkle is required. You wouldn’t want to carry this to the office, but inside your tote for the after work party? Perfect!

Silky Cami

A silky cami feels decadent and practical all rolled into one. Pop one on with jeans and a cozy cardie for the ultimate in sexy hygge. Bonus points if the cardie is cashmere! Lounge at home, or wear it out with your jeans and some heels. Pop on a jacket instead of the cardie if a more structured look is your jam. I understand if spaghetti straps don’t work for you. I ALWAYS wear mine with a topper.

Brocade or Velvet Jacket

Velvet Trim Works, Too!

A lovely jacket can take your jeans and a tee to a new level! Brocade says festive, and so does velvet. Even a wool jacket with velvet trim has that extra little bit of zhuzh! It creates a tuxedo or dinner suit look when worn buttoned (and shirtless) over a pair of dress trousers or a skirt. Paired with your regular work separates it speaks professional luxe. Find jackets too restricting? A velvet trimmed kimono is gorgeous and luxe!

Metallic Shoes

I know! Metallic shoes are a generational thing. My mother thinks metallic shoes are only for evening wear and weddings. I’m glad I wasn’t living at home when I bought my first gold loafers. I wore them to death, and didn’t feel tacky at all. Even if metallic shoes feel too much for everyday, break them out during the holiday season and enjoy them with everything from jeans and a white tee to dressy trousers and a lovely blouse. They’ll make you feel light footed and sparkly, and isn’t that what holiday cheer is?

For more holiday style inspo, check out last year’s post about pulling together a Holiday Style Capsule starting with what you already have in your closet. So how about you? What’s your holiday default? Do you have any of these holiday style makers in your wardrobe already? Are you breaking them out in anticipation of the festivities to come? What are you looking forward to wearing this winter? Do tell… I love to hear from you!

Stylishly yours,


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      Thank you for visiting, Vickie! Great of you to think ahead… It’s miserable to stand in front of the closet an hour before the party and think “If I just had…” Do you have any of the 5 in your wardrobe to kick-start your holiday looks?

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