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5 Times a Capsule Wardrobe Can Save the Day

Capsule Wardrobes are NOT Just for Minimalists.

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I hope your day is going swimmingly! “Welcome Back!” Or plain old “Welcome!” if this is your first visit. Thanks for coming to see me today! I hope you find your time here well spent. I blog on a variety of topics, mostly about or loosely related to style, which is, after all, my business. While reviewing some analytics from last year (Because I’m a data geek!), I discovered that most of 2018’s most popular posts were about Capsule Wardrobes. About mine, about logistics, and about the whys and wherefores.

That gave me some pause. I know why I love capsule wardrobes, but… Just because capsule wardrobes make me happy, doesn’t mean they are for everyone! Sometimes a client will panic when I tell him or her (usually her) that we are going to work on framing out a capsule wardrobe. Often the response is “I’m not a minimalist!” To which I often reply “Neither am I, but having a small capsule is a great way to pack for a trip!” At which point they breathe a sigh of relief… Which begs the question: If you’re not a minimalist, why might you want to try a capsule wardrobe?


As I mentioned, the most widespread use of a capsule wardrobe is packing for a trip, long or short. Here’s an example of six pieces, that along with the outfit worn on travel day, can make 27 outfits! (If you want to see how that counts out, read here!)


Pregnancy is an ideal time to work a capsule wardrobe. Pregnancy is temporary (It just feels like forever near the end!), so you don’t want to fill an entire closet with maternity clothes. That would be an expensive adventure leaving you with nothing left to ready for baby. Since most women don’t need maternity clothes until a few months in, you have time to plan and buy or borrow what will work best for you! Here’s a small capsule wardrobe I worked out for a warm complexioned mama-to-be. Each top can be worn with every bottom, with or without the kimono toppers, and the dress could be worn as a tunic over the bottoms, or just on its own. Doing the math gives us more than 57 outfit options, without counting shoe and accessory changes!

This same kind of small, versatile capsule can work for other medical conditions, too! Perfect for after a joint replacement when mobility might be limited, and rehab long… There’s no reason to live in sweats for months on end. You can be just as comfortable, and still look stylish. There’s data that looking good is good for your mental health, your performance, and your recovery!

Short Term Move/Work Assignment

As a (now retired) career Navy family, we learned a LOT about moving. And about living for weeks and months with just what you can carry in a large suitcase until your household goods arrive. This is the same situation many students find themselves if they are blessed enough to experience a semester abroad, or adults taking a sabbatical, or on loan to an institution. It can be a challenge to figure out how four or six months of clothing will fit into your checked baggage. Good planning of a tightly coordinated capsule or two is key! One move took us from summer in Georgia, through fall in North Carolina, to winter in England. That was one feat of packing! We were allowed two suitcases each for that 6 month adventure. Our coats and shoes/boots for cold weather took up one suitcase all on their own. (For other wardrobe tips from military life, read here!)

New Job/Graduation

A capsule is perfect for a new job (and hunting) with new wardrobe requirements. I’ve used this image in previous posts, but these 12 pieces make at least 4O outfits. That’s two months of work weeks! Even better, chances are some of the pieces you already own will be able to mix and match with your capsule, giving you even more options. If you need to read other articles about business dress, try these!

Vacation Home/RV Life

If you travel frequently, especially when storage space is limited, a capsule is ideal, and gives you the maximum style versatility for your storage buck! In a cozy RV, you don’t want overstuffed drawers. And in a vacation home, you don’t want to build up loads and loads of laundry! Keeping it small keeps it easy…

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If you want to read more about Capsule Wardrobes, click on the category link to your right, or click here for the most recent Capsule Wardrobe posts. Maybe you’ve never experienced any of the above situations, but if you do have one on your plate, or might sometime in the future, try thinking in capsules to make the packing or transition easier. And if that still sounds hard, contact me! This is one of the most fun ways I get to help my clients!

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