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5 Way to Style: A Plaid Shirt

Without the Lumberjack Vibe!

Happy day, reader dear!

I hope you are having a wonderful day and that everyone in your world is safe and sound! Maybe I should address this post’s subtitle, before I put anyone off…

About Without the Lumberjack Vibe… Don’t get me wrong! There’s nothing wrong with the lumberjack (or lumberjane) vibe if that makes your sartorial bird sing. For some people that’s fabulous. You do you. That’s a personality thing, remember? But if lumberjack chic isn’t your jam, today’s post may be for you!

Plaid is HUGE this fall! Plaid makes a comeback every fall, but the past two years have been plaid-a-palooza. I love the cozy hygge of a plaid shirt. Maybe you do, too? But does it make you feel like a boy every time you put one on? I get that. Which means that your plaid/flannel shirt only sees wear on the weekend when you spend the day in your jammies? Or when you go camping? My plaid flannel shirt lives in my camping box. After writing this post, I think it may be coming out to play for my winter capsule…

My goal today was to create a variety of looks that feature this cozy wardrobe workhorse, but with a softer touch. So I dug into my camping box and my closet and started playing…

Plaid Shirt + Midi Skirt

The trick here is waist definition and heels. Especially if you are altitudinally challenged like I am! Heeled boots would work, too, but I couldn’t resist these shoes that mirror the color of the shirt. If you are tall and willowy, knock out this look with flats. You’ll look amazing! I envy you.

Plaid Shirt + Dress Trousers

Yes, I’ve got a lot going on here! I’m not afraid of a pattern mix, but if that makes you uncomfortable, go for solids. I chose grey plaid trousers because that’s what was hanging in my closet. I want style on this blog to reflect real life; I’m not buying items just to make a pretty picture for you. That would be cheating. I added the pumps and belted the shirt for a more structured work look, and went for shirt tails and booties/ankle boots for a more casual look. Yes, you can wear dress trousers on your day off! There’s no rule that says that you have to wear jeans and yoga pants on the weekend!

Plaid Shirt + Pencil Skirt

If this post leaves you thinking it’s time to add a plaid shirt to your wardrobe, please read this next link! The direction of the plaid is very important. The plaid shirt here is a horizontal plaid. A vertical plaid would be more flattering, but I bought this shirt years before I really understood the difference. Would I buy it again? Maybe… Because I LOVE the color of this shirt and that is more important to me than the fact that it makes me look a little boxy!

When I started this style exercise, I chose to leave jeans out of the ingredients list! Now that I’ve gotten some other looks under my belt, and am feeling a little more comfy with my flannel, let’s take a trip into denim territory.

Plaid Shirt + Denim Skirt (or Dress)

Flat boots would work with this look, too, but the look would really lack polish. Can you use the word flannel shirt and polish in the same sentence? If you are looking for more ways to layer a denim dress for fall, I have that! Now onto the combo that makes me shake in my boots…

Plaid Shirt + Jeans

Pearls and plaid? Sure! They both start with P. That makes them go together, right? Seriously, though. I will wear pearls with anything. Even if those refinement levels are too far apart to play well together. Call me a rebel. (If this mix makes you uncomfortable, here are some easy ways to level up some other casual pieces.) With hikers or sneakers, no jewels, and a beanie hat, you’re ready for hiking. This outfit on the other hand has fall-outdoor-brunch written all over it! I’m still jonesing for that brunch…

So, how about you? Do you have a plaid shirt? Is yours in regular rotation, or is it only for slouching about at home? Or IS regular rotation slouching about at home? This is 2020 after all! Let me rephrase that– Do you wear your plaid shirt out and about? Or only for home and casual wear? What color/s is yours? Is it a hand-me-down? Some of the most beloved plaid shirts I know are… Do let me know your answers in the comments below!

Stylishly yours,



    Liz, I wonder if I was even around when you made this post. This past winter I wore the red fun plaid flannel shirt with pintucks at the top with a long black corduroy skirt and black flat suede booties with black marled socks with flecks of the colors in the socks. I wore this with a black faux fur and drop sparkle earrings and a black leather handbag, One of my favorite outfits!! So very casual for me!!

  • Leslie Susan Clingan

    I wore a plaid flannel shirt recently and joked about potentially looking like a lumberjack but actually really like the look. And I love the options you have shared. First, your great plaid shirt could never be accused of being lumberjack-y. Such vibrant colors!! Love the purple with those great shoes.
    I wore my shirt with a graphic tee and cords. But like the idea of wearing it with a skirt!! Going to give that a try. Adding the statement necklace is a great way to ensure that this look doesn’t read ‘outdoorsy’.

    • Liz K

      I love that more relaxed look, too! But on me I feel like a poser. That relaxed isn’t my style personality unless we are out camping. And even then I’ll be wearing jewelry! I hadn’t thought about it, but the color is why I chose that flannel shirt years ago. It’s unusual and certainly more feminine than your average blue and brown or red plaid. (I love a great buffalo check, though! If I add another, that might be the one for me…) Thank you for visiting, Leslie!

    • Vickie

      Love that shirt. You gave me some new ideas for how to style my one flannel shirt. (Rushing to check which way the pattern runs. Yea!!! It is vertical!!!)

      • Liz K

        Lucky duck, you! Some women look better in horizontal plaids, but they’re the exception… Now if the weather would just dip a little lower, I might could get mine out and wear it! I hear AZ has been having unusually cold weather. How is it in your neck of the woods?

    • Liz K

      Thank you for visiting, Lovely! If the weather cools off just a little bit more, I’m going to wear that one next week… I might wear boots, though!

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