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5 Ways to Style a Jumpsuit

For Work, Play, and Party! (I hear par-tay, but can’t bring myself to type it in the title.)

Happy day, reader dear!

Thank you for the visit! And I pray that your day is lovely… I’m in the middle of pre-business trip craziness–trying to get posts lined up for whilst I am away at a conference, planning my packing, and trying to stay on top of all the rest in the interim. Oh, and there are a couple of birthdays to celebrate! Aaaack! Maybe if I don’t sleep between now and next week?

Today feels like a good day to address the jumpsuit, AKA boilersuit. They’ve been making a (re)appearance the past few years, and like everything out there have style and practicality pluses and minuses. Stylewise, I love the long line of a jumpsuit; it’s an instant column of color, and the one-and-done vibe is like that of a dress, only less dress-y. The biggest drawback, in my book, is bathroom logistics. It is far easier to drop trou or pull up a dress to take care of the necessities, than to unbutton/unzip, wad up fabric to prevent it dropping on the floor, and manage the business all at the same time. Granted, wearing one has made me more conscientious about not waiting until the last minute… My apologies if that’s just TMI; I’m in the business of keeping it real.

I bought a jumpsuit last summer to add to my special occasion capsule, and wore it for a wedding rehearsal dinner last fall. It was great! It was more movement friendly than a dress would have been, but felt dressier than trousers and a blouse would have done. I wore it over the holidays, and for one day of the Influencers of Midlife Summit in January. I must admit I prefer it for evening, or a limited time, as unzipping the back every time nature calls gets tedious, and limiting water intake isn’t healthy!

These concerns made me think long and hard before adding a casual denim jumpsuit to my wardrobe as one of my Spring/Summer French 5. With a front opening and narrower legs, the logistics are easier. I am all about the one-and-done vibe this season, and love the slouchy silhouette unbelted. But I’m not a jeans and sneakers girl, so how am I going to get good use from it? Let’s get styling!

Work It: Jumpsuit + Blazer + Booties or Pumps

I know! This is not a work look for everyone, but if your work allows jeans, you might try topping your jumpsuit with a blazer. I chose booties this day, but would love it just as much with pumps! It’s the details like popping out the collar and cuffs over the blazer that make it look intentional, and less like “I needed a jacket and found this one.”

Play It: Jumpsuit + Booties

Here it is with no blazer, and a pearl necklace. I love the juxtaposition of denim and pearls, or some other bling. We could take this even more casual with sneakers, a leather wrap bracelet, and hammered hoops. While our spring weather is still cool, a jumpsuit and booties is perfect. Leave the sleeves down in the morning, and roll them up as the day warms. I

Play It: Jumpsuit + Sandals + Straw Bag

I’m excited to move this piece into summer, too! The fabric of this jumpsuit is not your standard denim, but a lightweight Tencel, so it will still be wearable into warmer weather. I expect I’d lose the belt for an easier breezier feel. A big bright pair of earrings and the straw bag do all the talking here, and I can trade the wedges for flat sandals if the day calls for lots of walking.

Here’s another variation with my omnipresent neckerchief. (You didn’t think I’d go without one, did you?) Casual bead bracelets, chunky fisherman sandals, and hammered hoops keep the look relaxed yet polished. Now if I just had a more subtle straw bag for this combo…

Party It: Metallic Pumps + Clutch

Last but not least, why not take it out after work or play to a party? French Cuff the sleeves. Open an extra button. Fill the neckline with pearls. Add some sparkle at the wrists and lobes. Slip on metallic pumps. Go! Casual that made an effort…

What’s your take on the jumpsuit? Heck, yeah? or Heck, no!? Too juvenile? Or just right? My mother was so excited to see this one because it took her back in time to the 1970’s… I had one we bought together at a boutique called The Pumpkin Patch in Racine, Wisconsin. I felt very stylish in it then! Not sure how stylish I feel in one now; I think insouciant is more like it.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below! I love to hear from you…

Stylishly yours,


    • closetplayadmin

      I have been loving my jumpsuit! Especially for the lengthening effect… I can always use the illusion of a couple more inches (Heck, even one!) in height! Thanks for visiting, Nancy!

  • Lise

    I am in two minds about jumpsuits. I loved them in the late 70’s and 80’s (I am 53 yrs), I have been thinking no way but now am warming up a bit to them. Maybe…. 🙂 LIse

    • closetplayadmin

      I, know! I loved mine then and was just not sure now… I decided to just think of them as dresses with legs, and that got me feeling more bold! Thank you for visiting today, Lise!

  • Ruth Baxter

    Love it! I have a very similar denim boilersuit that I bought a few seasons back; with the variable weather here in the UK, I also get a few extra style variations by what I layer underneath it, e.g. breton top = playful casual versus black polo (turtle) neck = hipster vibes.
    I think there’s a jumpsuit out there for pretty much any occasion and they are excellent for those of us who don’t love dresses – just this week, I’ve bought a more formal, sleeveless, jumpsuit to wear as a wedding guest next month.

    • closetplayadmin

      Sounds wonderful, Ruth! I love the one I wore for our son and daughter-in-law’s rehearsal dinner! I’m wearing it again to a gala next week provided it still fits… Hmmm. I better check that out. Thank you for visiting, and for prompting the reminder!

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