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5 Ways to Style a White Tee and Jeans

Happy day, dear reader!

This post was requested by my lovely daughter-in-law! She bought a pack of white tees, and felt like White Tee + Jeans + Colorful Necklace just wasn’t enough variety for her sartorial soul, and asked me for some suggestions…

Things to Consider When Buying Your Tees

Color and Neckline: On the 10 Items Everyone Needs posts, you will often find a white tee. I wouldn’t go so far! Not everyone likes knit tops, or tees, and bright white is certainly not flattering on many women. Especially on warm-complexioned beauties! Ivory, or a soft white works better. If you are going for the multi-pack men’s undershirt tees, V-Neck is often the most flattering choice. Crew necklines were not actually considered a woman’s shirt neckline, until women started wearing men’s clothing in the 1970’s… A crew neck was only for men, and only for sport. Crew.

Here’s our starting point…

Fit and Polish: Another factor to take into account is fit! If you are buying your own, then buy tees that skim your body, not too tight, and not too loose. Borrowing a baggy tee from your S.O., will cover nakedness, but may need the volume tamed by knotting it, tucking it, or pulling the excess in with a rubber band to create a shape. (This one came from hubby’s dresser drawer; the v-neck below is mine.) Multi-pack men’s tees are not designed for a woman’s shape. Last but not least, look at where the sleeves end, and roll them to a flattering spot! I know this sounds insane, but iron or steam your tee. If that’s too much to ask, take it out of the dryer damp, and hang it on an hanger to smooth it! If your tee looks lumpy or see-through, pop on a cami, and see how much better that inexpensive tee will look. See! Better already!

There’s nothing fancy here, folks. For all these looks, I played in my own closet. It would be fun to take these looks further by changing the makeup and nail color. The biggest struggle was the jeans! My skinnies gave up the ghost two weeks ago. The spandex just isn’t spanding anymore, and it’s still too hot for my trusty Levi’s 501’s. Because I love my D-I-L, I threw them on and sweated. (See how much I love you, Megan?!) You can work any of these jeans looks with a denim skirt or cutoff shorts, too! As you’ll see, it’s all about the accessories, and how you combine them…

Everyday Basic = White Tee + Jeans + Colored Necklace + Flats: The key here is choosing a colored necklace that really works for your complexion and makes you look your best. A color found in your eyes is always a great option! There’s a reason a short colored necklace is one of my Style Staples.

Scandi Chic = White Tee + Jeans + Booties + Simple Jewelry + Trench: The key here is all neutrals. Low key, and minimal. A Chelsea style boot would be better, but I believe in working with what you’ve got! You can leave the trench open if you prefer; I don’t since it does my figure no favors unbelted! I need color, so I popped this with a bright lip. An all neutral outfit is not my best look, especially not a warm one like this trench!

Safari = Jeans + Sandals or Boots + Wooden/Bead Jewelry + Hat/Belted Jacket: The key to this one is earth tones (Not so good on me…) and an ethnic feel. I’m bummed about totally forgetting to snap this with no jacket and my straw hat. If you want even more of a safari vibe, choose a bottom in tan/khaki or olive! I’m trying this look again in the fall or winter with boots!

Here’s a close-up of the jewelry and belt details…

A la Francaise = White Tee + Jeans + Silk Scarf + Hoops + Ballet Flats/Pumps:  (My apologies, I can’t get my keyboard to make a c cedille for love or money today.) Here’s another keep it simple look. I’d like this bright lip with a pump, too. In cooler weather, you could even throw on the Scandi Chic trench, or a blazer and keep the Euro feel. I need to keep my eye peeled for a smooth navy belt to add polish to this fall’s denim looks…

Instagram Influencer = White Tee + White Jeans:  You can add color as you like with a belt, jewelry, or handbag. White everything is taking over Instagram and Pinterest lately, and white on white will continue strong well into the fall. This look would be even better with a pair of white booties! I don’t have any, but have been eyeing a pair… (I foresee lots of breaking the no-white-shoes-after-labor-day rule!) I would have preferred a smooth belt for this outfit as well.

Rock ‘n Roll Chic = White Tee + Jeans+ Black Boots + Lots of Chains: You can work this look with gold for a more luxe Rock ‘n Roll vibe, or go for the traditional silver. I also love this with grey leather. And if you are feeling really 80’s, rock it with red leather and silver! The trick to keeping it chic is to groom, make sure everything is immaculately clean, and carry a really amazing bag. This would be even cooler with boots, but there was no way that was happening in August in Georgia. (I may need to restyle this as a Now and Then for colder weather.) Did I mean the bright lip? Yup!

I have to admit, I think Rock ‘n Roll Chic is my favorite, even if it seems in opposition to my typically more feminine look. I’m feeling the ‘tude lately, and the sparkle in the jewelry, ladylike bag, and pumps give it enough polish for me.  A smooth belt would have worked here, too, but I prefer the braided for texture. Now for a few close ups of the hardware… Some of these pieces are from my childhood, and others are more recent additions. And yes, this is a complete mish-mash of jewelry. There’s a Baccarat crystal cross in there with vintage jet beads, and a multi-chain necklace. The arm party and ring bash is another mash-up. If you are wondering, yes, there’s a whole bunch of Premier Designs in here… (BTW: Call your favorite PD jeweler! The new collection is out!)

Next week we’ll take this white tee up a notch and leave the jeans behind!

So how about you? What’s your favorite way to style jeans and a white tee? Which look of the ones above do you like best? Which wouldn’t you be caught dead in? Please share in the comments below… I love to hear from you!

Stylishly yours,

This post is not sponsored in any way, I’m just spreading some love because I’ve had a great experience with Premier Designs…

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