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5 Ways to Style a White Tee & Jeans

S/S 2020 Redux

Happy day, reader dear!

As I was checking website stats the other day, (Bloggers really know how to have fun…) I took a closer look at the posts that have seen the most traffic, and 5 Ways to Style a White Tee & Jeans is near the top of the list! I suppose that’s not a surprise since jeans are the worlds favorite bottom, and a white tee is probably found in almost every wardrobe. So it seemed a good time to refresh an old post. Please visit the original post for tips about color, neckline, fit, and polish!

As you probably can guess, accessories are the way to take your jeans and white tee in all different directions. This time will be no different, but I am hoping to think more about the Where of the looks, rather than just the How to Wear. Does that make sense? Because sometimes even when we like a look, we think to ourselves, “Where would I go in that?” And some day we will be out and about. (Again!) Or as a Scottish friend says, oot-and-aboot. I think oot-and-aboot sounds more mischievous! Since we are doing so much:

Relaxing at home…

doesn’t have to mean sweats or yoga pants! Most people buy their jeans with stretch, so there’s no reason your jeans can’t be as comfortable as your sweats. And you’ll be far less embarrassed to open the door next time the doorbell rings with the 25th delivery of the week…

Jeans + White Tee + Ballet Flats/Loafers + Long Necklace

What if you might be getting a little messy? Like…

Walking the Dog/Decluttering/Housework

certainly isn’t the most glamorous part of the day, but you can still feel cute and put together while getting the tough stuff done!

Jeans + White Tee + Sneakers + Bandanna

Let’s choose sneakers/trainers for traction and stability. The bandanna around the belt loop is for sweaty or dirty hands, can keep hair out of the way, and can be worn as a face mask if the need arises! I always travel with a bandanna tied onto the handle of my bag. It’s a napkin, towel for drying hands in public rest rooms, tourniquet… (We haven’t had to go there, thank goodness!)

Running Errands

isn’t really running, so let’s skip the running gear! Why look like you are going to get all hot and sweaty? Let’s choose something that says cool… And Cool! I couldn’t decide on which sandals to wear, so you get both! It just depends on the vibe you prefer. More city? Or more beach?

Jeans + White Tee + Sandals + Scarf as Belt + Hoops

This is one of my favorite looks! Casual but not in any way sloppy. Cool and cool! You could wear flat sandals for a more relaxed look, or heeled sandals for brunch or a coffee date. Grab a straw bag for extra warm weather chic! The bigger the better to hold all the goodies you are picking up on your errands. (Yes, someday we will be able to do these things again!)

Business Casual

means more than khakis and a polo shirt. It can mean jeans if you take your jeans and tee up a notch by throwing on a blazer and some pumps. The structure of a blazer polishes the jeans and white tee look, and buys you more mileage. Especially if you take that scarf and casually loop it around your neck…

Jeans + White Tee + Blazer + Pumps (+ Scarf if you’re feeling extra chic!)

Date Night

will come again! And even if it’s “just” date night at home, why not dress up? Dressing up and staying home is the new going out! (Think of all the money you’re saving on babysitters or Ubers…) So light some candles, pour a glass of wine and have an evening in! May I suggest twinkle lights on the patio?

Jeans + White Tee + Sparkly Necklace + Metallic Heels

I chose silver sandals, because that’s what I have on hand, but if gold or rose gold is your preference, run with it! (Just not with scissors, please.) Since you’re staying home, you don’t need a bag, but if you were going out, a little clutch would be the finishing touch for this look. Please don’t carry your everyday bag. It doesn’t go with everything. That’s a great way to ruin festive…

So how about you? What’s your favorite way to style a white tee and jeans? Or would you not be caught dead in jeans? I do know a few of those people! What do your favorite jeans look like? How do you feel when you wear them? Do let me know in the comments below! I love to hear from you…

Stay safe and sound, sane and stylish!


  • Angie

    Hi, Liz – Great update! I feel that this post is a lot more adaptable to different styles than the first one. Jeans and a tee is a great combination for a time when we are all pretty much stuck at home in this COVID19 quarantine. Hmm, I might take a look at updating my jeans & a tee blog post! Thanks for sharing, Angie –

    • closetplayadmin

      Thanks for visiting, Angie! How are you holding up? Glad you liked the post; it definitely has a different focus than the first! Have a great week… XO

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