5 Ways Wearing Color Improves YOUR Day!

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Happy day, reader dear!

I hope this post finds you and yours happy and healthy. 2020 may be the year we learn to appreciate those two gifts. Really appreciate them. I’m fortunate to be healthy, but even my relentlessly optimistic nature took a beating last week.

We watched the movie Inside Out recently; now I can see the animated emotions running the show. Sadness ran mine all day Sunday, her sweet round blue face everywhere I cast my eye. Humans are getting on my nerves. I’m prone to burst into tears at the smallest provocation. And I’m not communicating well with the ones I love. My bandwith for BS is non-existent. I just want to crawl in bed for about a week. Grief is here. It’s time for some serious self care.

That means getting up and getting dressed from head to toe. Jewelry, shoes, makeup and all. Even thought I don’t feel like it. Because I know it’s good for me. Like choosing yoghurt and mango with chopped cashews for breakfast is better for me than a box of donuts… (Mmmm. Donuts.)

It’s time to break out the big guns. The COLOR guns. Why? Because color is powerful! It affects our moods. Manufacturers know this and spend millions to get just the right colors for their products. Fast food restaurants use color to entice us to buy more food, and get out quickly. So let’s use color to YOUR advantage and talk about 5 ways wearing color can improve your day! Color helps you:

Look Healthy and Happy

Wearing “your” colors, the ones that make the most of your undertone, intensity, and value, makes you look healthier and happier. Healthy and happy are biological markers we look for in others AND in ourselves.

Those color properties (Undertone, Intensity, and Value) are also what make the difference between clothes that match and clothes that clash! The colors that make you look healthy and happy are those that “match” the DNA of your personal coloring. Knowing your colors makes shopping SO much easier!

The top is too bright for my color DNA, but it has the right undertone and value!

Be Memorable

We remember color. It’s part of our biology. It’s how we find food as hunter-gatherers. We are 70% more likely to remember someone wearing color. (Can’t remember where I found the data. Looking and will post it here when I do!) How’s more-memorable for an advantage at a job interview or pitch?

Boost Your Mood

What’s your happy color? Most of us have a color we love. Wearing it can boost our mood. Especially if it is somewhere we can see without looking in the mirror. Nail polish, shoes, bracelets, a blouse or trousers, are all great ways to add color that we can appreciate during the day. Earrings, not so much! (Unless your job has you looking in the mirror all day long?) Harness the power of color to increase your happiness quotient!

My happy color is pink… But it didn’t used to be!

Create Focal Points

Diana Vreeland famously said, “the eye has to travel.” And if you love style or fashion, put the documentary of the same name The Eye Has to Travel, on your watchlist. Diana Vreeland had a zest for life and color.

Since the eye does travel (Biology again doing its work!), flattering style is about giving the eye a place to light. Where do you want someone to look? Not at your hips? Don’t just hide them, give the eye color to jump to. Color IS eye candy.

Where does your eye go in each picture? To the color!

Start Conversations

Are you the life of the party? Or do you struggle to start conversations in a group you don’t know well? Power of introverts aside, there are times in your life when you have to show up and show out. Even when it’s not your strength or personality. Wearing color makes it more likely that others will approach you and start the conversation for you. How’s that for making your job easier?

So how about you? Did you learn anything new about color today? About you? Do you use color to your advantage? At the very least, I hope you use color to help you look healthy and happy, and to boost your mood! Let me know in the comments below… There’s plenty of room!

Stylishly yours,



    Liz, Your absolutely right. Color is a mood lifter! I must buy more color for fall/ winter wardrobe!! I own teal shirt and sweater jacket I bought last year. I also own a red blouse. I’ve never even worn the red blouse! I naturally tend to buy more color for the Spring/ Summer wardrobe. I had never considered how less color could make you feel cooler in hot weather. It makes since to me!

    • Liz K

      I think a LOT of people fall into the neutrals all winter long trap, and then wonder why they feel so glum. Yes, I know the shorter days and lack of sunlight is a big part of that, but throw on some color as an antidote!

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