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6 Wearable Fall/Winter Style Trends

For 2022/23 (Part 1)

Happy day, Dear Reader!

Lest you think this post a bit early, let me say I wholeheartedly agree.

I think hype-ing the Fall/Winter trends in July is a bit ridiculous.

But that’s the retail reality. Once the 4th of July passes, we move into Back-to-School mode. Notebooks, computers, crayons and the rest start flooding the stores.

Fall clothes follow not far behind.

Add to that the blogiverse’s obsession with the Nordstrom Annual Sale and you have a perfect storm.

I can’t even begin to imagine what fall might feel like. We’re reeling from weeks of heat.

BUT I am smart enough to know that it’s time to start looking. Especially if there is a trend you love and want to make sure not to miss.

No. I am not encouraging you to run out and stock your closet for fall. I don’t post about sales. Shilling for a store is not part of my business plan. It might be smart if I did, but you are savvy enough to take the trend info you see and make up your own mind about what you want to add to your closet!

I started this post and realized it was getting WAY too long, so I broke it into two…


It looks like the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and 00’s all got together for a rave. You name it, it’s out there. Neons? Yes. Black? Yes. Long silhouettes? Short silhouettes? Big? Small? Soft? Tough? Animal prints? Plaids? Preppy? Punk? Boho? Classic? Feminine? Rebellious? Yes, to all of it! We are witnessing a veritable style smorgasbord this year. If you don’t see what you are looking for in the stores near you, look online. The buyers in your corner of the world aren’t always keeping you and your style in mind.

We are seeing a party vibe everywhere. Fashion is reacting to the past few years with EXUBERANCE! (Can you blame it?)

6 Wearable Trends

Let’s start with shock and awe.

One: Rainbow Bright Sparkle Party (RBSP)

It sounds like a lot, I know. First, let’s tackle color and pattern. Think ALL the neon colors plus red, purple and Valentino Pink. (Yes, it’s a thing. Think saturated and/or bright and you’re on track.) Did I mention red? Red, red and more red. I LOVE color for fall and winter. I want people to break out of their drab cold-weather garb and add some color and cheer to the shorter days. If this is the year, bless it! And cat prints? Leopard, cheetah… Pick your kitty. I wrote about animal prints AND purple in this 2019 trend report.

All images from

Would I love for any and all of these pieces to magically land in my closet? FOR SURE! (I’d need to belt the pink blazer, though. Will I be buying any of them? Not likely. The purple Boss Co-ords are stunning; if the sweater sleeves weren’t long, they might have been a contender for my French 5 Shopping Plan!

For the Sparkle Party piece of this trend? Now, imagine sequins, glitter, beading, pearls, shiny gems and metals, bejeweled clothing. Before you ask How in the name of all that is holy can Rainbow Bright Sparkle Party be wearable? Relax. There’s no need to wear it all at once! Just a sprinkle or two. Pop a sequin tee under a blazer or bomber jacket. Slip on sparkly earrings with a business suit. Grab those cute metallic shoes you wear to weddings and wear them with your jeans and a tee! (Yes, really. Here’s some other ideas for them.) As for pearls? We’re in a maximal moment. Wear them all! It’s a touch of life-of-the-party added to everyday. Because every day is worth celebrating! Can I get an Amen?

One trending subcategory of RBSP is the…

An Aside: Arm Party Bangle Bonanza

This is a super low risk trend! I need to head to Goodwill this weekend to see if I can find some bangle love… Would some vintage Bakelite bangles rock my world? Of course! But I’m not holding my breath or my wallet. As for how practical this trend is? That’s up to you. You might be bothered by a bunch of bracelets running up your arm. BUT Iris would be so very happy!

PS: If you have warm coloring, there are a TON of wide orange bangle bracelets on Ebay… Sigh.

Two: Modern Femininity

This season feminine is about sheer fabrics, flowy lean lines and soft colors. We’re seeing super cool lingerie construction on dresses and jackets. A few peplums are making their way back… We 8-Shapes are shouting HUZZAH! This year’s feminine is grown up rather than girly. That makes it easier to wear, but all those sheer tops require some consideration to pull off. Throw a tank or cami under a sheer top. Keep your eyes open for soft wide-leg trousers with a lower waist. Finally! Mid-rise is more forgiving than the super high-waisted and paperbag styles we’ve seen recently.

All images from

Personally, I’m hoping this trend spawns a revival of the kitten-heel pump…

Three: All About the Outerwear

Another Finally! I’ve been preaching this for years. Outerwear is an outfit maker. Choose from Bombers (Revival!), Oversized Outerwear or the Trench. This year’s oversized isn’t all about the puffa, though. This season it’s about volume and length, not bulk. I’m crushing on robe coats like the one below, center.

All images from

Let’s talk Trench 2.0. Don’t worry; your old reliable will look new again. Get it a good clean and press and wear it everywhere. With everything. Or over nothing at all! (If you dare…) If your shape is waisted, belt your trench. Try belting with a leather belt for a change of pace! If your shape is unwaisted, let your trench hang loose and fasten the belt in the back to create some shape. If you are buying a trench, single breasted is my preference. Yes, single breasted is harder to find. Those double buttons are great for making a slender frame more substantial, but for most of us? Not necessary.

Leather is having another moment, too! Yes, it has a moment every fall and winter for outerwear, but this is the year if you are ready to branch out. I’ve seen leather tees, dresses, skirts and trousers. This is sleek and sassy leather with or without a biker vibe.

Four: Looong Lines

This summer saw the revival of the maxi and that revival continues into fall and winter. Many a woman is shouting Huzzah! I’m not one of them. Maxis make me look like I’m standing in a flowerpot. If you love a maxi, Yay for you! The oversized coats I mentioned above? They’re long, too! Trousers are falling back to (ALMOST) the floor which is great for creating a long leg line, especially when paired with a heel!

All images from

My take? I’ll fake that long line by wearing my midi with a top in the same color to create a long lean line from shoulder to hem.

Five: Horsey/Preppy/Equestrienne

It’s certainly a classic! There will be millions of happy women out there. Blazers, classic shirts. Bow neck blouses. Plaid. Tweed. Break out your riding boots, loafers and anything horse bit. Quilted jackets and vests. (Sleek vs. Puffy) Sedate pearls. You’ll be ready for a weekend in the country.

I’d love a great pair of hosebit pumps and of course a lovely silk scarf!

Six: The Suit/Tux

If you are retired or live a super casual lifestyle, this isn’t going to float your boat. Remember? Wearable is relative. Regardless, this trend might be my favorite. Do I have much opportunity to wear a suit or tux? No. Do I love the look? For sure! Many of the runway’s suits were Jacket + Mini Skirt. Not particularly practical. But a great suit? Yes, the silhouette changes by decade, but if it fits you like it was made for you and you switch out the accessories and styling, you can wear it for at least a decade. Besides, every suit means you have a jacket and trousers to mix and match. Or jacket and skirt. Or jacket and dress. What’s not to love? How about a great tuxedo? Always wearable.

How About You?

Have you been looking at the Fall/Winter trends? Do you care? Do any of the trends I’ve listed make you happy? Which? How will you make them work for you? Which trends leave you cold? Do tell… I love to hear from you!

Stylishly yours,


  • Jodie

    I feel like this is all in my closet, haha. The one advantage of keeping things, right?? But really, I’m so over the muted colors (or should I say lack of colors) for the fall season. Give me that bright pink any day.

    • Liz K

      I keep some things too, Jodie; even though the trends come back around, there are subtle differences… Colors for one. AND fabrics have changed dramatically (Some for the better, others not so much.) in the past 40 years. Modern fabrics are much more fluid, so many vintage pieces look stiff and awkward rather than current. I LOVE them! It’s about being careful about how you combine them!


    My goodness, you weren’t kidding. It appears anything goes this coming fall and winter seasons. That’s kind of fun. And I am so thankful that I have not purged my closet because I am pretty sure some of the things that have settled toward the back might see some love again. I love sparkle but never go anywhere sparkle-worthy. Appreciate your tips about adding a bit of sparkle without looking like a fairy godmother. I have boots and boots but no real riding boots. Might have to make room for a pair. Hope to have cool enough weather to put my newish trench to work. Great idea to wear it with a leather belt (or even a kitten print?). And I vote YES for kitten heels.

    • Liz K

      Every day deserves a little sparkle! We’re above ground. That’s worth celebrating! SO glad to know there’s someone else out there championing the kitten heel… Hopefully there are ears listening? Our boot season here is too short; I imagine yours isn’t very long, either, Leslie?


    Liz, I couldn’t be happier that the riding boots are in because I wear them anyway!!! I love tweeds!! I love all things English but have gotten away from it!! I’ll be wearing the sparkle shoes and bags with denim skirts with other dressier pieces at times. Other times I’,, wear sparkle with long flowy skirts for sure! I LOVE that long skirts are in because I’ll still be able to buy them and not worry about finding a seamstress!!! So excited for this fashion fall!!! I’m attempting not to buy so much because I’m loving what I’m hearing from you I’ll need to be careful!!! I can do that!!!

    • Liz K

      Sounds like you have quite a few of the trends already hiding in your closet, Natalie! It’s about how we combine them that keeps them feeling fresh and current!

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