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7 Style Lessons from Living Abroad

Live Beautifully! (Wherever you are!)

Happy day, Reader Dear!

I consider myself fortunate.

I enjoy blessings that many living in the world do not.

I have a roof over my head with heating AND A/C, food in the cabinets, reliable utilities and clean water to drink. Most of these blessings are due to nothing more than an accident of birth. I was lucky to have been born where, when and to whom I was.

If you are reading this, you likely share the same blessings.

I’ve also been blessed to live on three continents and in five countries–and visited many more.

Yes, international moves are hard, but grand and glorious adventures often are!

Living abroad affords you the opportunities, experiences and insights a tourist doesn’t have the time for.

Chatting with a friend recently about

about the style and beauty lessons I picked up along the way.


  • A great pair of heels is a must. (If you can wear them. Otherwise see Corrolary.)
  • Corrolary: If you can’t dance in them, don’t buy them. Which is why you just might see me dancing in the shoe department…

What can I say? The world was in the grip of disco fever. Snug, high rise wide legged jeans worn with heels were ALL the rage. (Just goes to show–it all comes back around.)

Takeaway: Shoes are for dancing! Otherwise leave them on the shelf.


  • ALL bodies are beautiful. Young bodies. Old bodies. Slender bodies. Round bodies. Pregnant bodies. Able bodies. Differently abled bodies. A couple of trips to the beach as the heat sets in teaches you that ALL bodies are welcome. And ALL bodies are beautiful.
  • Olive oil will sort out anything. (You can take this same lesson home from Spain or Italy, but since we lived in Greece before Spain or visiting Italy, Greece gets the credit!) Digestive issues? Olive oil. Dry skin? Olive oil. Dry hair? Olive oil. Cradle cap? Diaper rash? Olive oil. Salad dressing, marinade or baste? Olive oil. Ring stuck on your finger? Olive oil. Price sticker goo? Olive oil. Scratched coffee table? Olive oil. The list goes on…

Takeaway: Your body is AMAZING! Honor it! AND Good olive oil is worth paying for.


Takeaway: Find your red lip. Define those brows.


  • There’s a reason English women are known for their amazing skin! The best my skin EVER looked was while we lived in England. Because of ALL the moisture people. And no sun. (Well mostly no sun.) I returned to the States after three years in England with nary a tan line. (I never thought the ones I aquired after 6 years of life in Spain and Georgia could be erased!)

Takeaway: Moisture. Sunscreen. Hat. That is all.

How About You?

Where do you live? Have you lived in a different country than the one you do now? What style or beauty lessons did you take away from that experience? If you’ve spent your life in one country or region, what style or beauty lesson(s) do you think we could learn from your homeland? Do tell… It’s a gift to learn from each other!

Stylishly yours,



    Liz, I lived in Germany during High School and then when my husband & I married and had our son we went to Germany together to live a few years. I love Germany!! The weather, the people and the freash fruits & vegetable markets!!! The bakeries are great as well!!! My husband & I like things not too sweet so they we’re just right there!!!

    • Liz K

      That sounds like a wonderful experience, Natalie! Fresh fruits and veggies are the best! I miss the markets from all the places we lived. I wish we had more here in the US.

  • Susan

    As an English Lady, I often think differently, as soon as I get somewhere warm I apply sun cream and moisturiser. Yes your absolutely right about not needing too much in England, although it does often take you by surprise. Look at all those fit athletes struggling in the heat at Wimbledon.

    • Liz K

      You are SO right, Susan! It’s easy to get a burn when the sun peeps out! We were there during the 2006 heat wave; it was a disaster for those unable to escape the heat.

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