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7 Easy Ways to Take an Outfit from Blah to BAM!

Style Staples

Happy day, dear reader!

I fully expect to be tearing my hair out right about now… Our youngest son’s wedding is this coming weekend, and at writing, I have no idea what still needs to be done by Friday. That is why you are privileged (?) to be on the receiving end of my fall break/repost series.

Let me throw a common wardrobe dilemma at you. You have put together a great wardrobe of basic pieces, everything from jeans to an LDD (Little Dark Dress. Not everyone needs an LBD, but that’s an upcoming post!), but something just isn’t clicking. You get dressed, and feel like it all matches, but no zip. No zing. You spent good money on these pieces, so it’s not that they are cheap or ugly. Maybe uninspired is the word… That can be an easy style fix! There are seven Style Staples (or Style Boosters) that I look for in a client’s closet to make separates into an outfit with intention. (I meant to do that!) Most women have at least a few Style Staples hiding in their closets, but rarely pull them out to take advantage of style superpower! Click on the pictures below to read more about each Style Staple. Are you missing some?

Style Staple #1: A Long Necklace

Style Staple #2: A Short Colored Necklace

Style Staple #3: A Colored Shoe

Style Staple #4: A Great Jacket

Style Staple #5: A Strutting Shoe

Style Staple #6: A Scarf You Love

Style Staple #7: A Colored Bag

That’t it! Seven Style Staples. And if you wonder why four out of the seven are colored (or likely to be), that’s because color is one of the most powerful style tools out there! (And I bet you thought black was.) Color is one of the best ways to attract the eye, and distract from the places you do not want the eye to linger. Color can brighten your complexion, and make you look and feel healthier and more vibrant! Color can express personality, and give your confidence a boost. And is the reason I’ve included this post in Color Week!

How about you? What’s your go-to to give an outfit a lift? I love to hear from you… Let’s start a conversation in the comments below!

Stylishly (And teetering on the edge) Yours,


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