7 Ways to Style a Brooch

(10 Actually!)

Happy day, dear reader!

Let’s talk! How do you feel about brooches? Are they just a grandma thing? Or can you imagine pinning one on? How about two or three? Today, I’m telling you that brooches are underrated!

I like to think of brooches as a necklace that doesn’t hang around your neck. Which sounds silly, but is absolutely perfect for really hot summer weather! Necklaces can feel strangle-y and just too hot. But a brooch? No strangle factor! Just pin it on for color and/or sparkle. They’re not just for lapels… Brooches are so much more versatile!

1: On a Jacket

The biggest styling mistake I see with brooches is wearing them too low! If you are going to wear a brooch on a jacket, try it high on the shoulder, rather than on a lapel. That draws attention towards your face where it belongs, rather than to your bust! (Unless that’s the look you’re going for. Then be my guest!)

Or a Jean Jacket!

I love them clustered to add flash to a denim jacket!

I have a few brooches. This post is as much for me as for you! I want to challenge myself to wear a brooch AT LEAST once a week from now through the end of summer. I must admit that might mean scouting yard and estate sales for a new one or two to add to my collection. I may need something more colorful. When shopping for a brooch, think Marie Kondo… If it doesn’t spark joy, zing!, leave it behind, but if it does, that just might be one to take home!

These beauties are on loan from some of my Premier Designs jeweler friends…

2: Pendant on a Necklace

I especially love tripling or quadrupling (Is that a word?) up pearls and adding a brooch for some oomph. You can also pin one to a ribbon to wear as a choker for an antique or vintage look. People have been wearing chokers since ancient times; the late 1700’s saw a big bump in their popularity, and they’ve been in and out of “la mode” ever since! Depending on the pin and weight, you may also be able to wear it on a longer chain. The heart brooch above used to have an adapter that allowed it to be worn as a pendant, but has since disappeared. Alas.

3: On Your Jeans!

I saw this at a fashion show at Talbot’s last fall, and loved it! I may not always want to draw attention to my hips, but for V shapes looking to add detail to the hip, this is so much fun!

4: On a Hat

You could simply use a brooch to add color and interest to a hat by pinning it on the hatband as I did with the pink flower brooch, but I really love how the floppy hat goes from beach to glam with the simple addition of a pin to hold up an edge! Pin the front, side or back, depending on what kind of look you want. I would love to see this at a relaxed summer wedding!

5: Scarf Bracelet

Turn that wrist wrapped scarf into something jewel worthy. Pin on a brooch to take it from sweatband to style!

6: Holding a Scarf

This one isn’t new at all, but so underrated! One of the reasons women often tell me that they don’t wear scarves is that “They slip around too much.” Well, ladies, a brooch is perfect for sorting out that issue! Tip: Pin the scarf to the underlying layer of whatever you’re wearing. In this case, the pin goes through both the scarf and the dress. I use this trick when wearing a lightweight top and a brooch as well… I’ll secure the pin to my camisole or bra strap to keep it from dragging down my top and damaging the material!

7: Sweater Fastener

One of the classic ways to wear a brooch is as a sweater fastener. Just because something is classic, doesn’t mean it has to be boring, or old fashioned! If I owned a waterfall cardigan, I’d have even more sweater fastening tricks to show you!


Now I have even more ideas! How about one of these: I’d love to see a brooch pinning the scarf tie on handbag handle. And fastened at the back neckline of a dress. Or as a buckle on a sash around the waist… Oh, no! Now I’m going to need to rewrite this post as 10 Ways! If this post has you thinking about a brooch, yard and estate sales are a fabulous source, as are consignment and vintage clothing shops. Try an inexpensive one on for size, and let me know how you like it. You certainly can’t say you don’t have enough ways to wear one!

Stylishly yours,


    • closetplayadmin

      Glad to have gotten your style juices flowing! Garage sales, flea markets, and secondhand/consignment shops are all good places to find inexpensive brooches to have a play with! So lovely to see you, again, Leslie!

  • Gina

    Great article Liz! I gave all my brooches away many years ago and now I wish I hadn’t. At the time I really only thought about wearing on my top or jacket. I love all your other ideas. Particularly 2… and 4… and 6…. and… It looks like brooches are on my shopping list now 🙂

    • closetplayadmin

      Thank you for visiting, Gina! I should probably send you my brown and tortoiseshell ones… They’re much more your palette than mine! Glad to have lengthened your shopping list!

    • closetplayadmin

      Glad to be of help! I just wish I had a waterfall cardigan to show some of the more fun ways to play that. I may have to borrow one from a friend; it might make a great little video, Thank you for visiting!

  • blurooferika

    Great post, Liz! I think brooches are making a comeback and was looking for a way to dip my foot in the pond, so to speak. And now you’ve given me plenty of ideas. Off to scour my jewelry box!

    • closetplayadmin

      Thank you for the visit, Erika! I’m tickled to have been an inspiration! Please feel free to share your find with your friends on social media…

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