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9 Ways to Style: A Red Top

Closet Playing with a Red Polka Dot Top…

Happy day, reader dear! It seems like just yesterday that I posted my Winter Capsule. Okay, not yesterday, but it was only a week ago… And as I looked through the video, and stared at it on the rack, there was one small problem. SOOOOO many neutral tops.

Not everyone thinks that’s a problem, and for many women (LCC’s/3N’s) it isn’t. It is for me, though! Not just because I like color, but because my Color Contrast is 2N+1C. (The N’s stand for Neutral and the C for Color.) That means that I look better in color and washed out without it! Now, you can add color to an outfit in a variety of ways; scarves, necklaces, and makeup, are all easy ways to get more color near your face to brighten it up and create a healthy vibrant look.

So I re-shopped my wardrobe… And came up short. I didn’t have any red tops. I know that sounds odd, but I have steered away from red ever since we moved to Georgia. I’m not a Dawg. Nor am I a University of Georgia fan. (Sacrilege! I know.) My red allegiance lies with the Wisconsin Badgers. But I thought… A red blouse would look great with the rest of the items in my capsule, and give me an extra splash of color on a grey day.

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First, I tried my favorite consignment shop. No joy. Sometimes that’s just the way. So I took a quick look about. And found this. My heart leaped. It looked like a cool red. (You just never know until you see it person, though!) It has no buttons down the front and no collar. (I don’t like buttons or collars; they’re too structured for my personality.) AND it has a 8-Shape figure flattering peplum! Woo hoo! Could it get any better? Why yes, it could. I had just received a voucher in the mail from this company for $15 dollars off an item. That seemed providential. (Or possibly, like temptation.) The only flaw is the long sleeves. I don’t like long sleeves, but they might be pull-up-able. Or if necessary, I could have them shortened.

PS: Did I mention the polka dots? You know how fond I am of polka dots! If you aren’t, Welcome! You must be new to Closet Play. It’s lovely to meet you!

That’s a lot of wins, making quite a few pro’s for the blouse. But how would I style it? Can I style it at least three ways? (With three different pair of jeans does NOT count!) Before ordering, I had in my mind these looks:

Not a bad start… So I ordered. It arrived. And I may be in love. Here’s what happened!

if you were thinking that a capsule wardrobe is a fixed entity, here’s your proof that it doesn’t have to be! Sometimes you just look and see that something is missing. Or at least I do. I know from my clients, that not everyone sees wardrobes the way I do. I think of them as a puzzle. I look at the big picture, and the pieces, and can see what’s missing. Some people don’t see the big picture, or know what they want the big picture to look like. That’s what I do, help you find and see your big picture (And stay focused on it!) to build a wardrobe you love that loves you right back! And it all starts in your closet. With what you already own.

So how about you? I’m still not sure how many outfits are in the video. I counted nine, but may be wrong. If we play with the shoes, then there are WAY more. What’s your count? Which outfit do you like best? Could you see yourself in any of those? Why or why not? Not your style? Not your lifestyle? Not your colors? Remember, you can do the same thing with your own color palette! Do let me know your thoughts in the comments below… I love to hear from you!

Stylishly yours,



    Liz, The comdinations you had for your blouse are very me. My favorite combo was the last one with the black and white skirt! Love the blazers with the blouse as well. Very me!


    Liz K, Love your red blouse choice! I liked button-up collared shirts when I was young but as I’ve gotten older I’ve discovered I’m just like you…no collar, no buttons and three-quarter length sleevesplease. Since finding your site about a month ago I just keep binge reading your blog. Really enjoyable! Wonderful work!

  • Mae

    Love the mini polka dots next to the floral jacket. Nice mix!
    I have to say, I’ve been “binge reading” your blog and have found it to be a great comfort. Like you, I’m also dominantly light and a 2N+1C. My contemporaries are deep into hair-dying, but I have chosen to go white gently; you’re sensible advice has been bracing.
    Thank you!

    • closetplayadmin

      OOOH! Thank you, Mae! For the visit, and the binge. It’s lovely to be called sensible; that’s an adjective that is rarely used to describe bloggers, and even less frequently style bloggers. The pressure to dye can be fierce; hold fast to what feels right to you! And feel free to share with others if you like… XOXO

  • Leslie Susan Clingan

    Always enjoy your videos. All of the looks are terrific but I really like the gray trousers and metallic shoes with that cute red top. While red is a color I probably wear best, I have very little red in my closet. Need to think ‘red’ next time I am shopping.

    • closetplayadmin

      Glad you like the video, Leslie! It’s scary putting yourself out into the webiverse on video… Before splashing out on red for your closet, give it a little think. Why do you have little in your closet? I have clients who love the idea of a particular color, but just can’t bring themselves to wear it. Red is a common one. Some people feel “shouty” in red. Some feel shouty in yellow or orange. I have yet to find anyone who feels shouty in blue! Thank you for the visit and your kind words!

  • LIse

    Gosh who would have thought a red polka dot blouse could be so versatile. I recently thrifted a red pussy bow blouse with white polka dots and although am keeping if for warmer weather (it is really cold here on the Black sea currently) you have opened up my mind to many more possibilities. Thanks! Lise

    • closetplayadmin

      Your top sounds like a fabulous find, Lise! Do you have a little thermal cami you could pair underneath to get more use from it before the weather really warms up? Or a long sleeved tee in the same color to wear underneath?

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