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Winter 2019/2020 Bucket List

Happy day, reader dear!

I’m hoping your December so far has been lovely and fun! Tomorrow is (technically) the first day of winter for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, so it’s time to get serious about my Winter Bucket List. If you read this fall’s debrief, you know that round was a train wreck. So much for thinking that three months would be easier to handle than a full year resolution… Hmmm. And, aha.

Maybe that’s the problem. I’ve been treating this more like a resolution list rather than a To-Do list. Why would I do that? Especially since I have a love/hate relationship with To-Do lists. I love ticking things off a list as I go, but hate making them (overwhelming) and despise when someone else gives me a To-Do list. (My dad left me one each summer break from Uni. On a legal pad. It greeted me at breakfast my first morning home. Do you think he was trying to tell me something?

So. Maybe I need to treat my Bucket List as just that. A list, and not a self-improvement strategy. If I tick the boxes, lovely. I will feel good about my accomplishments and behold! Feeling good is a form of self-improvement. Win-Win. If I start getting too resolution-y, just give me a poke.


I love me a little culture and can spend hours lost in a museum. Any museum. Art museums, history museums, science museums, kid museums, freight train museums, pirate museums, you name it. Culture and history make me happy. Especially if there’s a nice little lunch place nearby. Okay, so food makes me happy, too.


I expect the Mister will want to do another Whole 30 sometime during the season. Most of the prep and cooking will fall on me as he starts grad school again in January, after our escape to Asheville. But I know even without W30ing that I feel better when there is no flour or sugar in my diet. It’s not reasonable when dining out, or cooking others’ requests for the holiday, but I want to:

  • Whole 30?
  • Try a new recipe each week.
  • Processed foods ban at home. (Xmas day exception…) How does wine fit in here?


We have loads of small boutiques located in our area, which makes for some fun sartorial choices, but (unfortunately) not great personal shopping with clients. (Too much wasted drive time.) If I can check out one resale and one “new” boutique per month, that would expand my knowledge base, and my mental map of the area!

  • Take spring items to consign after 1st of year.
  • Explore two boutiques a month.
  • Buy pre-loved when possible. (Not underwear. Can’t go there. #sorrynotsorry)

Hopefully this is more list-y and less resolution laden. I know that like any checklist, I am going to have to copy these items into my calendar. Otherwise, I can expect another train wreck. And I’m not interested.

Do any of these Bucket List items sound interesting to you? Or do any earn your #thanksbutnothanks award? Do let me know in the comments below, and share what you’d like to do over the next three months… I love to hear from you!

Stylishly yours,


  • Leslie Susan Clingan

    This made me giggle all the way through. I have some trouble with thrifted anything but undies are a definite NO.

    We are sorta back on Weight Watchers and definitely back on track with exercise. Once the holidays are behind us, we will jump back on board the WW train to lose any weight we enjoy gaining with the holiday desserts and baked goods. I think we are committed to keeping this weight off. See me in March, though, and we’ll see.

    Wish you would join us for Wellness Wednesday in 2020. You could share more about your Whole30 adventures.

    Merry Christmas!!

    • closetplayadmin

      We’re not alone, Leslie… There are lots of us on that NO train! Our house is overfilled with holiday goodies that I struggle to resist. Hopefully the hordes will help us out tomorrow and make many of them disappear! I’ll have to find out more about Wellness Wednesday. I’m certainly no W30 guru, but it has made me much more aware of how food affects (and controls) me. Have a peace filled holiday, and a blessed new year! XOXO

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