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A Professional’s Shopping Secrets

Less Stress, Fewer Regrets

Happy day, Reader Dear!

If it is summer where you are, the season is drawing to a close.

Back-to-School is upon us and the shopping frenzy that accompanies the change of seasons is here. Whether you have children or not, many women find themselves wishing for a little something new this time of year. Old habits die hard! So this week, let’s talk all things shopping…

Ways to make shopping less stressful.

How to make shopping easier.

Questions to ask before you buy. OR hit that Checkout button on-line!

And if you need to buy, some ideas to make your wardrobe’s environmental footprint just a little smaller.

Because THIS is a crime…

Let’s get started!

Lower Shopping Stress

Shopping Like A Professional

Want to go shopping with me, but you don’t live anywhere nearby? You can do what I do!

Shopping Tool/Secret #1

Thinking about consigning some of your unloved pieces? Here’s what your consignment store wants you to know!

Shopping Tool/Secret #2

For more about shopping pre-loved, check out this post!

And those garment measurements I mentioned? Here are some of the measurements I like to have at hand when I go shopping.

What to Ask BEFORE You Buy

While you ARE out shopping? Take this list of 8 Questions to Ask Before You Buy with you.

Happy shopping!

Stylishly yours,

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