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A Surprise in the Mail!

Mini-Capsule Inspiration

Happy day, reader dear!

I hope your day contains a pleasant surprise. Because unexpected good never fails to cheer and feels like a little blessing from the universe!

I try to remember to say this regularly: Please feel free to Pin or share anything you find helpful, fun , or sartorially inspirational! I don’t get out much (None of us do lately!) and your introduction is a blessing and a way for me to meet new people AND it blesses the blog! Thanks!

Back to blessings, that’s what happened to me last Friday when I opened the mailbox expecting the usual pile of bills and junk mail, when lo! And behold! There was a largish hand-addressed envelope for me from an old friend. Inside? This…

Luscious. Liberty. Silk. Scarf.

And the message: I ran across this little beauty in a thrift shop and immediately thought of you!

I burst into tears. At the moment, I wasn’t sure which touched me more: the gift of the scarf, or that H thought of me during a routine slice of her life. Now I know. It’s the fact that after years of little communication, and less frequent seeings (She lives in Florida and we rarely get to see each other.) I was still there with her somehow. I am blessed. Many thanks, sweet friend!

This is the first place my mind went!
(Yes, that funky salmon color is on our walls.)

Her lovely treat got me thinking about a mini-capsule. Because even if there’s not any trip coming up (#stayathome), it never hurts to be prepared to throw a few things in a bag and still come up stylish in the morning! So let’s run with this and have a long imaginary weekend away…

These 5 pieces will certainly last a few days! Each top can pair with either bottom, and the dress could double as a tunic over the trousers. That makes six outfits without even getting into any layering options… We could stretch that long weekend out to a whole week!

I’m wishing you sunshine, cool breezes, and crisp nights for lovely sleeping… How about you? What have you been getting up to? And what are you dreaming of being able to do again? I’m trying to stay in and appreciate the moment. And put some more things in the mail for others… Because a pleasant surprise in the mailbox is a rare occasion! What could you mail to someone to brighten their day? Please let me know how you are doing… XO

Stay safe, sound, sane, and stylish!


  • Leslie Susan Clingan

    What a sweet treat! Those are the kinds of things that help us through these days of isolation and bad news. Beautiful scarf. Such tranquil colors. Looks lovely knotted on your bag.

    Oh, if we could runaway for a weekend. Those pieces in your capsule are very versatile – everything from casual to date night in just a few items. Pretty color palette in that capsule, too.

    • closetplayadmin

      Her kind gesture really did bring tears to my eyes! Tranquil is a great descriptor. Tranquil and cheery. Because yellow is always cheery! Just because we can’t run away now, doesn’t mean we never will again. Take heart, Leslie. He’s got this!

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