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Add 5 for Spring/Summer

Happy day, Dear Reader!

Let’s just say that I know a few people looking to add a little something to their wardrobes for a spring/summer refresh. (#askingforafriend) Refresh? There are plenty of ways to do that!

You can throw out everything you own and start over. (Not my first choice for anyone.)

You can take a good hard look at your closet and start over by pulling out ONLY your favorites and restarting your wardrobe from there. (Like I did here.)

You can decide you love French Style, Italian Style, Scandi Style or Lagenlook and build out a capsule based on an aesthetic.

There are some other ways, too, but I’ll have to save those for another post! One of my favorite ways to get a little style refresh is to Add 5! I probably should have called it Take 5, but that’s the name of one of my favorite candy bars and I don’t need to be thinking about peanut butter, caramel and pretzels covered in chocolate… Oops, too late! Thought train derailled.

Back to the rails! A great way to get a (lower stress and lower priced) refresh is to add a splash of color for spring and summer! An Add 5 isn’t always about color. You can read about some other ways to Add 5, here, BUT since spring and summer are when many women come out of their neutral cocoons to rediscover color, I thought today’s post should be ALL about color! Let’s go.


Nothing says spring (OR St. Patrick’s Day) like GREEN! No, these aren’t all meant to be worn together, but two or three would certainly add life to a neutral based wardrobe! Imagine these with navy! Or white. Or grey. Or…

All images from


I have an unrequited love for orange. Alas. I envy you warm-complexioned beauties! Orange and all kinds of sunrise/sunset colors are raging this year, so enjoy… (I’ll be sadly sitting in the corner, gazing wistfully at you.)

All images from

I might could the bag… Or those coral shoes! Wouldn’t these look amazing with oatmeal or olive linen? Sigh.


Stay tuned for Baby Pink and Baby Blue this season! Not sure I’m loving the Baby Pink, but I could get into some Baby Blue… I’m a HUGE fan of blue and white for summer. I can see a lot more blue and white in my future!

Shirt, Earrings, Bag & Shoe Images from–Shoe image from

I want to see these with white, brown, tan and especially with OLIVE!

How About You?

Does your wardrobe need a little refresh for the coming seasons? Are there any colors tickling your fancy? How do you want to pair them? What might you be adding OR subtracting from your wardrobe this year? Do tell, I love to hear from you…

Stylishly yours,


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