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Add Five for a Wardrobe Refresh

Pantone’s 2021 Colors of the Year

Happy day, reader dear!

Last spring, I wrote a post I called Add Five. I would have called it Take Five, but didn’t want anyone thinking that I was encouraging shoplifting or theft! In that post, I talked about adding five strategic items for a seasonal wardrobe refresh. You might choose your five by color, by theme, or even pick five trendy pieces to play with. The choices are limited only by your imagination and your budget!

As we head into spring and summer this year, I see some people throwing caution to the wind and buying with exuberance, a feeling of freedom when shopping. Others, out of caution or necessity, are buying more carefully. Let’s say, more strategically. I think that’s a good thing! Not only for their bank accounts, but for their wardrobes and the environment as well.

I expect you may be tiring of winter (or summer) and thinking about a spring (fall) refresh. Maybe you are crushing on Pantone’s colors of the year and want to add some grey and yellow to your wardrobe! For more about Spring/Summer 2021’s colors, check out this post. If the following colors don’t float your boat, substitute whatever colors do, but keep the choices tight for the most versatility!

Color Inspiration

What’s not to love? Sunny yellow and cool grey. Bright and cheery plus soft, stable and versatile. You don’t need to look for these exact colors. Finding your versions of sunny yellow and soft grey are what we are aiming for. And if you don’t like one or the other, or neither? Skip it! The trend police will not arrest you for letting the bus go by… (Believe me, I’ve let many a color bus pass me by!)

In that vein, here are a few pieces to get a yellow and grey fix and a little update to take you well into warmer seasons… Note: My favorite way to work an update is to shop your own wardrobe (and out of season boxes) FIRST! You never know what you might find that is already on point. (Or a close cousin!) Take the pieces you find in the “trendy colors” and move them to the front of your closet where you are more likely to grab them. (If you love them and they make you glow!)

Some Ideas

The Thinking Behind the Choices

I don’t believe in buying clothes, I believe in building a wardrobe. Yes, there is a difference! Some people will see these pieces as one outfit. I see them as pieces that can work together AND add to what’s already in your closet.

The grey shorts, as a neutral bottom, can be worn with practically any other colored top. The yellow and grey print top is more limiting, but will look fabulous with white, grey, cream, stone, grey, and even the right navy. The scarf nods to the color trend and would be darling with plain old jeans and a tee for a little flair. Loafers are still hugely popular, and in mule form are perfect for warmer weather and easy to slip off for #workathome. I’d snap up the yellow and white ring handle bag. It screams summer fun! But if yo are headed into cooler weather, trade for the crossbody with the lemon trim and tassel.

If you’re looking for some more grey and yellow inspo, here’s a mini-capsule for an imaginary runaway inspired by a gift…

The Budget Version

Now let’s see if we can do something similar from one store with curbside pick up…

Yes, these are all from Target…

If you prefer a super relaxed look, pair the shorts, tee and sneakers. Want a little more polish but still super casual? Shorts, tee and mules. A little more edge? Swap in the booties. You can play the same game with the shorts, blouse and all three shoes. Believe you me. Shoes (and a bag) can completely change a look! A clutch or a macrame tote would change the vibe again!

How About You?

Are you starting to think about spring? (Or fall?) Is there anything that you’ve been thinking needs to make its way into your wardrobe for a refresh? Do you plan in groupings? Or buy individual items as you see them? Do you feel like your wardrobe is working for you? Or needs work? Please let me know… Your answers can help inform my posts going forward!

Stylishly yours,


    • Liz K

      I love yellow, Carol, but I’m throwing it liberally around my house for the season rather than applying it to my body! Although I did pick up an inexpensive yellow flower brooch that I can have some fun with… I’m with you on the grey. Thank you for coming by!


    Liz, Spring is here in Arizona with beautiful 70 degree weather! I don’t like the yellow and grey so I will be ignoring them. Instead I’m looking to add some coral and turquoise to my wardrobe for Spring/Summer. I add to my linen pieces every Spring/Summer. I’m also looking to add florals this Spring/Summer!

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