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April Trip Packing: Chicago

Happy day, dear reader!

The lovely lady to my right is Delby Bragais, a Fashion Designer AND Image Consultant!

This month I was lucky enough to take two trips! I say lucky, because I LOVE to travel, but if you don’t, just substitute “unfortunate.” Rather than make this a War and Peace post, I’ll tackle these two trip packs separately! If you follow me on Instagram, you saw posts from the AICI Global Conference in Chicago. It was a fabulous trip! If you want some of the highlights, you can find them here.

Travel is always an adventure. This time, travel day started with a bit of a crise… I was ready. I had all my clothes hanging on the rack and packed into their cubes; my tolietries were sorted but… When I climbed up into the roof? No suitcase. Arrrgh. Panic. Where the (expeletive deleted) was it? Turns out: We loaned it to our son for his honeymoon last October, and forgot to ask for it back…. Double arrrrgh! Thank goodness for Southwest Airlines. Two checked bags allowed. No fee. So I packed in two smaller bags and the day went off with no other hitches. (But that first one was a doozy!)

Let’s run the requirements and what they meant for packing! Where: Chicago = Colder Weather. Hotel = Not Doing Laundry. Event: Business Conference = Lots of Sitting. Relaxed Business Dress. Other = Gala! (Cocktail to Formal)

On the Plane (To and Fro):

With these basics I wore my white booties (easy on/off for TSA) and a cozy and colorful wool scarf because I always wear a scarf when I travel. ALWAYS!

In the Suitcase:

My Travel Six-Pack (Phrasing belongs to Janice Riggs of the Vivienne Files) My default packing pattern is 3 Tops, 1 Topper, I Bottom, I Dress. It covers all the bases and almost all occasions. Since this trip was work related, I chose blouses instead of tees, and a jacket instead of a cardigan or sweatshirt. At the last minute I threw in a second dress, and was glad I did!


In addition to the Six/Seven Pack, I needed something special for the Gala. So… Inspired by my Special Occasion Capsule post and the variation of ways I styled a jumpsuit for New Year’s Eve, I packed this jumpsuit, and a couple of jewelry options to indulge the whim of the moment. (Was I going to want to feel more elegant or disco queen?

I’m happy to say, everything worked out beautifully! I felt appropriate and comfortable for sightseeing, shopping, networking, training sessions, drinks with new friends, brunch with old friends, and everything else the week had in store. PS: I went for Elegant at the gala…

How about you? Do you like to travel? Or dread it? Does the dread have to do with packing? (I find that true for a client or two. Once we get that sorted, travel becomes fun again!) Where did you go last? Where do you want to head next? Did you have any packing surprises or travel disasters? Please let me know in the comments below… I do so love to hear from you!

Stylishly yours,

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