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Arizona Packing

We are off! Yes, I know it makes us possibly certifiable. Going to Arizona in June and July. And that’s okay with me. I love to travel! Especially when there are people I love to see. So Arizona in the middle of summer it will be!

What to pack? I love Janice at The Vivienne Files, and have been reading her blog for years, now. (Please go visit her gorgeous and witty site!) She has the same travel “problem” that I do, and will pack at the proverbial drop of a hat. Taking a page from her book, I will be packing a travel 6-pack. A 6-Pack is 6 items to mix and match. The six items do not include shoes, accessories, or the clothes for the plane. (And no, I will not be wearing my jammies to travel in! See my last Throwback Thursday post to see why.)

When I pack for travel, I start by thinking about our destination, itinerary, availability of laundry facilities,  and the weather.What a blessing to be able to access weather reports for any destination in the world at the click of a button! I remember traveling when all you could do was go for a best guess on what the weather would hold. For this trip the destination is Arizona, so hot, hot, hot. The itinerary is visiting family, and no special outfits are required. If this was a trip for a wedding, or a business trip, my 6-Pack would be far dressier.

On my body: white tee, stretchy skinny jeans, cardigan and jean jacket (I freeze on planes!), turquoise suede wedges, and a polka dotted scarf.

On arrival: Off with the wedges, on with the sandals from the carry-on tote. Lose the cardigan and jean jacket.

In the suitcase: white dress for church or anything I want to feel special for, grey shorts, white jeans, short sleeved denim blouse, striped cotton swing top, dark turquoise tank top. Everything here is pretty much mix and match, a kind of Garanimals for grown-ups. (I also have PT gear packed, and will rinse these out in the sink as needed.)

That’s it folks. My purse will be packed into my carry-on tote with the sandals, glasses, underwear and a toothbrush. reading materials, and some leftover pizza for lunch! Wish us luck, and a cool breeze or two. I hope to Instagram you some beautiful scenery…

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