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Arizona Trip Pack: Spring

Happy day, reader dear!

Whew! It has been one busy season… Between the conference trip to Chicago at the beginning of the month, and a quick trip to Arizona to visit family over Easter, I am ready for a couple of weeks of calm and quiet at home. I know I probably just jinxed that, but oh, well!

I write about packing a lot! Mostly because I love to travel. For some ideas on what to think about before packing, read on here. This time we visited in spring, and it was gorgeous! (Last trip was mid-July. Not so lovely.)

Pre-Packing Notes: Family reunion in Arizona. Much warmer weather. Cool nights. Casual atmosphere. Maybe eat out. Church for Easter. Hotel stay. Laundry available.

On the Plane

When we arrived in Phoenix, I took off the jacket and sweater, and changed into flat sandals. More about that below!

In the Bag

I packed my standard recipe: 3 Tops, 1 Topper, 1 Dress

This time I remembered the white dress, folks! (Last time, not so much…)

Shoes and Accessories

Yes, I travel with waaaay too many shoes. Even though the trip was very casual, I wanted heels for Easter Sunday, and just in case we felt like a nicer dinner vibe… The flat sandals were packed in the outside pocket of our checked suitcase so that I could slip right into them when we picked up our bag in Phoenix. I do this frequently if we are going somewhere warm and I want bare piggies at our destination. I will not travel in open toed shoes; they’re not safe in an emergency. (Nor are mine particularly well suited for an airport dash!)

We were flying Southwest, which still has a policy allowing free checked bags. Two free checked bags, count ’em, TWO! Thank you, Southwest! Hubby and I shared a suitcase and threw our toiletries into a smaller checked bag. I put my contact lens goodies and grooming basics in my carry-on, along with my iPad, some reading I planned to catch up on, and a work folder. (For me, a plane is a great place to get some uninterrupted work time… No laundry or kitchen to beckon!) I bought a new tote in Chicago. I was a little worried about buying such a soft and light colored bag, but the lambskin is lightweight and strong. The handles are buttery soft and comfortable in the hand, even when the bag is really laden, as it was on the flight out. I’m starting to think it was well worth the expense.


The first outfit was a quick trip to Prescott, some shopping, and mostly hanging out with the fam. The dress was for Easter. After Mass, I lost the belt and pulled on my jeans underneath. The rest of the day was visiting and celebrating. Monday was a shopping trip with the girls in Phoenix. I wore my grey jacket over this last outfit because Arctic A/C at the mall… I could have brought less, but with the heat I didn’t want to count on rewearing any shirts. We certainly could have stayed longer and I would not have lacked for outfits. Any of these tops would have paired nicely with my jeans if the weather had been cooler, and my travel tank and sweater would be great with the shorts. Grade? A: I would certainly repeat this pack again!

On the Way Home

And once again, I changed into sandals when we arrived in Atlanta, this time the blue ones!

How about you? Did you do any traveling this past month? Do you have any planned for next? Do tell! Are you a strategic packer? Or a throw it all in and see how it works kind of woman? What are your travel quirks? Let me know in the comments below! I love to hear from you…

Stylishly yours,

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