• Wardrobe 101

    Spring Outfit Formula

    20 Pieces–Hundreds of Outfits Hello, Reader Dearest! Now that it’s officially spring AND since I’m the kind to take an idea and work it to death (Beyond death, possibly…), I decided (Like I mentioned in this post.) to try and…

  • Style and Styling

    Spring Capsule Wardrobe

    Building It Out Happy day, Reader Dear! I hope you are recovering from The Wearing ‘O the Green! Our family does St. Patrick’s Day. Hi, my maiden name is O’Connell and I make one hard-to-stop-eating Irish Soda Bread. We don’t…

  • Style and Styling

    Style by Subtraction

    3 Things EVERYONE Can Let Go Of! Happy day, Reader Dear! How are you doing? Are you ready for a new season? Feeling like it’s time to try something new? Well… Style isn’t always about more. Sometimes it’s about less.…

  • Style and Styling

    Trying the French Outfit Formula

    Happy day, Dear Reader! One uninspired (Probably grey and rainy.) January day, I was scrolling through Pinterest, like you do… And ran across a Pinterest pin—that I now cannot find. I screenshotted it thinking, I could use someone to tell…

  • Capsule Wardrobing

    Spring/Summer 2023 Capsule Inspo

    Happy day, Dearest Reader! Today’s post should be short. How am I feeling about Spring/Summer 2023? Mediterranean. Blue. White. Geraniums. That’s it. Stylishly yours, Liz K. Really? That’s it? Sooooo… You might ask. How does that translate? How It Might…

  • Accessories,  Color

    Add 5 for Spring/Summer

    Happy day, Dear Reader! Let’s just say that I know a few people looking to add a little something to their wardrobes for a spring/summer refresh. (#askingforafriend) Refresh? There are plenty of ways to do that! You can throw out…

  • Style and Styling

    5 Style Takeaways from 2022

    Whew! Happy day and HAPPY NEW YEAR, Reader Dearest! (Yes. A little late.) What a ride! To quote Hunter S. Thompson– Life is not a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a well preserved body,…

  • Style and Styling

    Merry Christmas!

    Happy day, reader dearest! If you celebrate, I wish you and yours a most Happy Christmas, filled with joy and laughter. To ALL, I wish you a 2023 abundant in peace and prosperity. Stylishly yours,

  • Style and Styling

    Looking Forward

    Hello, Reader Dearest! This will be short… Thank you. These past 5 months have been rough. Your kindness, support and messages have meant more than you can imagine. I took for granted the stable (stable-ish?) place we were in 6…

  • Style and Styling

    Medical Leave

    I’d like to say, Happy Day, but it’s not, Reader Dearest. I’m struggling. Mightily. Mama’s health took a turn for the worse mid-July. She’s still with us at home and needs constant assistance. We aren’t sure whether to expect improvement.…