• Musings & Miscellany

    Start the New Year In Style!

    Make a Style Resolution! Happy day, reader dear! If 2020 taught us anything, it’s that you never know what lies around the corner. That feeling of no control can be not only uncomfortable, but downright frightening. I think we’ve all…

  • Style and Styling

    2020 Style Review

    Favorite Outfits of 2020 Happy day, reader dearest! There’s Got to Be Something Fave about 2020, Right? The year is winding down… And I can’t say I’ll be sad to the the back end of it! I know that New…

  • Musings & Miscellany

    5 Style Lessons from 2020

    Happy day, reader dear! 2020 is winding down, and depending on how you feel, 2021 is either looming or filled with promise. I’m not taking sides. I’m a both/and kind of believer. If you’ve been with me a while, you…

  • Musings & Miscellany

    Merry Christmas!

    Happy day, dear reader! Mr. CP and I wish you a most happy, peace-filled, and colorful Christmas! Please know that I am thankful for each and every one of you… Thank you so much for your faithful readership! Stylishly yours,

  • Color

    How Many Colors is Too Many?

    It Depends! Happy day, reader dear! Isn’t the answer above frustrating? If you are the kind that likes rules and life in black and white, I apologize. I’m all about the messy middle (As Brené Brown calls it.) That place…

  • Musings & Miscellany

    Winter Bucket List

    And Fall Bucket List Reckoning! Happy Winter, reader dear! Or summer for my Southern Hemisphere friends! It’s hard to wrap my mind around the fact that we are at the turn of another season. I know there are more than…

  • Wardrobe 101

    To Match or Not To Match?

    Coordinated vs. Matching Style Happy day, reader dear! It’s lovely to see you! If you are here for the first time, Welcome! I’m Liz, a certified Image, Wardrobe & Color Consultant. You can find me hanging out here on the…

  • Style and Styling

    Style/Restyle December 2020

    Jump on the Style Train! Happy day, dear reader! How are you doing? And by that, I mean feeling… As I write this, I’m finally starting to feel the holiday spirit. I’m okay if it’s not like the others. I’m…

  • Style and Styling

    Copycat Style: December 2020

    Blazer + Silk Scarf + Cap What’s on the bottom? Happy day, reader dear! Woo hoo! and Welcome, it’s lovely to see you! We are mid-December! Mostly done with the longest shortest year ever. (I’m not the only one that…

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    Style Obsession: Statement Coats

    Happy day, reader dear! Wowza! We’re into the double digits! December is zipping right along, even if we’re not actually going anywhere. That’s what we used to call a Keystone Cop Day when the boys were little… Lots of motion,…