Balancing Jewelry and Glasses

How Much is Too Much?

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Today’s post is for my daugther-in-law, Megan. We ran into each other at the bank, and she asked what I was writing about. That’s usually her way of hinting that she wants to read about something, like when she wanted some inspiration for ways to style jeans and a white tee! This time she asked about glasses. That’s a deep well to dip into for topics, so for today, I’ll tackle Balancing Jewelry and Glasses. I get a lot of questions about accessorizing from women who wear glasses. How much is too much? Can I mix metals? Can I wear earrings and glasses? Can I wear a necklace and glasses?

In general, there seem to be three schools of thought about glasses. There’s the-choose-a-pair-that-are-practically-invisible school, the choose-a-pair-that-flatters (often neutral) school, and the choose-what-you-love-regardless-of-look school. These three schools of thought can correspond to different personality types, or simply reflect what’s cool at the moment. (Or cool for your peer group!) If you don’t think there are trends in eyewear, just take a look at photos from each decade from the 50’s on! Larger, smaller, plastic, metal, combinations, designer frames, bold statement frames, Sarah Palin’s pricey Japanese designer frames…

Can I Mix Metals?

Sure you can! If you are buying a metal frame, choose a metallic finish that suits your complexion. Warm undertones for warm complexions, cool for cool. I also take into account the skin’s sheen and texture, and the angularity and curves of your facial features. If you own glasses that aren’t complexion friendly, but aren’t ready to replace them (Because glasses can be a budget buster!), mixing your metals can be a great way to help correct and add flattering color and tones to your face. If you feel uncomfortable mixing metals, finding mixed metal jewelry can help you bridge the gap. Since earrings reflect on your face, make sure to wear your best metal here. Especially if your hairstyle exposes your earrings! Necklaces, too, should be in your best metal, or combine your best metal with another. Look for mixed pieces that have your flattering metal, gold/silver/rose gold, as the predominant color and accents of the ones that don’t work as well for you.

Frame images from Zenni Optical. Jewelry images from Premier Designs.

Can I wear earrings and glasses? Can I wear a necklace and glasses?

My answer is, “Of course!” The prime determinant for what you choose to wear with your glasses is your personality, and your comfort level with all-that-going-on. I am a bling girl, it’s part of my personality profile. If your personality is more classic or relaxed, you might not feel comfortable with glasses, a necklace, and earrings, You might opt for just one, or opt for very small scale jewelry with your glasses. A dramatic personality might need even more bling, or extra color. Another factor to take into account is your scale. If you are larger scale (have a bigger skeleton), you can usually wear more and more bold pieces without being overwhelmed. I usually keep either the earrings or the necklace smaller when I wear both with my glasses.

Frame images from Zenni Optical. Jewelry images from Premier Designs.

Don’t worry about a rule. It’s an experiment! You can always add more or subtract (or choose smaller pieces) if it feels like too much. And remember… What feels like too much for work, might be perfect for a night out! Or you may wear more for work, and keep it minimal on the weekend! Before you decide it’s too much, take a selfie and look at yourself more objectively, and from a distance!

Plastic and Colored Frames

Plastic/nylon and colored frames can make the jewelry mixing easier or harder. In this case it’s not so much about the undertones as it is about the personality of the frame. Some frames are very classic and traditional, others bold and totally in-your-face. Remember, the glasses are as much of an accessory as your jewelry, so keeping the frames and jewelry in harmony with your personality is the key.

Frames from Zenni Optical. Jewelry from Premier Designs.

Whew! That seems like an awful lot to think about when getting dressed! It’s not if you know your personality profile well, and have chosen your wardrobe carefully to reflect the facets of your personality. If a blouse, or bracelet isn’t “you,’ don’t force it! It doesn’t deserve a place in your closet if it doesn’t reflect who you are, and support your vision of yourself. As Marie Kondo teaches, thank it for how it served you or what it taught you, and let it go. (Cue the swell of Disney music…)

How about you? Do you wear glasses? Do you wish you did or wish you didn’t? Do you see them as more than a way to see? What do your glasses say about you? Does the glasses/jewelry issue crop up for you? Let me know in the comments below… I love to hear from you!

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    I’m drawn to the Elegant Chic and the Feminine. I’ve bought rimless glasses these last few years because my husband and my best friend like those on me the best. Before that my son and I would go shopping for my glasses and I would buy glasses that made a statement. I’m needing new glasses so I will think long and hard about this decision. I do always buy my readers to make a statement still. I wear smaller earrings with bolder necklaces.

    • closetplayadmin

      I’m not surprised you appreciate the simple lines and shapes of elegant chic! Hmmmm… I wonder. The Elegant Chic personality style gravitates toward lighter colors of clothing (rather than black), maybe you’re getting ready for some changes in your life and your wardrobe!

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