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I Can’t Wait for Our Workshop!

Happy day, dear reader!

Shameless Plug Warning! In the interest of being totally transparent here, I am stupid excited about the workshop Jennifer Beverage of Uncaged Feminine and I are facilitating a half-day retreat next Saturday, February 9th, here in Augusta.

We both know what it’s like to lose your mojo, and what it’s like to find it again (or for the first time!) and grab life by the horns. Jen and I are all about coaching women to make choices that empower. Jen’s approach starts from the inside and works outward, mine starts on the outside and works in! Our work is totally complementary, so when we work together the results are exponential!

Jen is a women’s Freedom Mindset Coach. If you have ever found yourself to be your own worst enemy, this workshop is for you! Stop the self-sabotage, and get out of your own way.

I am a Wardrobe Consultant and Image Coach. If you have every stood there gazing into your closet thinking “I hate my closet! Can’t I just wear my jammies all day?” This workshop is for you! During the portion I facilitate, we will work through:

What you love and what you loathe, and how to stop buying the latter!

Why YOUR personality should be the main driver of what you wear.

How to make better shopping choices for a wardrobe you love AND wear!

How to take looks you love and make them work for YOUR lifestyle and body!

How one short phrase can make shopping AND dressing easier.

Please consider yourself personally invited! We are limiting this workshop to only 15 participants, because we want to give every woman the attention she deserves. If you are in the CSRA, come join us! Give yourself the gift of self-love this year for Valentine’s Day! Even better, grab a Galentine, and come play! More information about the time and location (and the link to sign up) can be found right here. Hope to see you, soon!

Stylishly yours,

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