Beauty Bundles for 2019

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I’m revisiting and updating a previous post for you because accessories seem to be on the mind of many! I’ve had quite a few questions about accessorizing recently, and thought a refresher about Beauty Bundles might be in order.

Beauty Bundle?

Here’s Brenda!
A truly lovely woman, inside and out!

Yes, a Beauty Bundle. No, a Beauty Bundle is not a series of services at your favorite salon, nor a freebie with a purchase of $39 or more from the makeup counter. Beauty Bundle (BB) is a term coined by the fabulous Brenda Kinsel. (I told her what a total fangirl I am when I met her at the AICI conference at the beginning of April. She was so gracious about it!) A Beauty Bundle (BB) is a group of coordinated accessories that can be used to add punch to a variety of outfits. Think of them as accessory families. Now, please don’t panic, they have fewer issues than your average family. A BBundle is not fixed or rigid; you don’t have to wear all the pieces at once, and there is no set number of pieces required! Any particular item might be perfectly at home in more than one Bundle.

Color or Theme (Your Bundle’s DNA)

My Rock ‘n Roll Bundle…

When I pull together a Bundle, it’s most often coordinated by color but sometimes by theme. Since it’s a kind of accessory family, think of the bundle’s DNA as what relates all the pieces. For example, I have a polka dot problem (No, there is no support group available, yet!) and pulled together a polka dot bundle. I would not wear all my polka dots at once, but I would mix up two or maybe three! Maybe you feel a little rebellious some days and need a Rock-n-Roll Bundle. What’s your favorite color? I’d wager you already have a good start on a Favorite-Color-Bundle!

Let’s go to Capri!

A few summers past, a friend was going to Capri… I was extremely happy for her, as well as (just a tiny bit?) jealous! Although no trip to Capri was on my itinerary, I pulled together a Capri-themed beauty bundle. In my mind’s eye, that meant turquoise blue, gold, and white, with a boho luxe flair. While she was away, I joined her (in spirit) by wearing items from my Capri bundle each day. Crazy? Probably, but it made me happy, and when we did sneak off to the beach later in the summer, I packed my bundle, and that long weekend in Florida became my Capri! (Yes, I have quite the imagination…)

Why Bundle?

(1) Bundles are a great way to dip a toe into a new-to-you color or style without breaking the bank! Maybe you want a taste of the color of the moment, but you know it’s not a long term commitment! This year it would be Living Coral, Let’s see what we can find in coral…

Images from Charming Charlie.

You could have three to five of these for $50 or less. (Depending on what you choose.) That’s one way to indulge a whim without breaking the bank or having to find more closet space… PS: Those corals mixed with fall’s reds and wines will carry you stylishly into the coming seasons!

(2) Beauty Bundles are a great way to change up a simple outfit with just the snap of your fingers. Especially if you play with color! I did a post for my lovely daughter-in-law when she was in need of inspiration for styling jeans and a plain white tee. Each time, it’s the accessories pulled into a Bundle that make the difference!

Jewelry images from Premier Designs.
Clothing Images from Nordstrom.

The above bundles are pretty extravagant. The best bundles start small and are built over time. You pick up a scarf here, an earring there, and a necklace when one that’s just-right falls in your lap. There’s no hurry!

(3) Bundles give you more variety and better mileage from your Building Basics by shifting their Level of Refinement. Wear the same dress for everything from a walk on the beach to dinner out. It’s easy to change your bundle and change the vibe! If you traded in some of the turquoise above, you’d have even more looks…

(4) For women with High Color Contrast, BB’s are a great way to pull extra color into an outfit while keeping it intentional and stylish, particularly for those who don’t love patterned pieces. Combining two colors and adding a third with accessories creates harmony that flatters HCC personal coloring. Even if your color contrast isn’t high, Beauty Bundles are a great way to add color to an outfit, pop your neutrals, or add a second color to an outfit without feeling dressed like a clown.

Jewelry images from Premier Designs.
Clothing Images from Nordstrom.

Pulling Together a Bundle

Since color is the easiest place to start, head to your closet or drawers and choose a colored accessory. It could be a pair of shoes, a scarf, a handbag, or jewelry. This is your starting point. Now look through your other pieces and see what else you have that shares that piece’s color DNA. They don’t all have to match. As a matter of fact, it’s better if they don’t! We are just looking for everything in the same color family. If I had silver and turquoise pieces, I’d add them into the mix as well. Look everywhere; bandannas count, too! You can even throw in a bottle of nail polish…

Take a snapshot of your bundle, and next time you put on jeans and a white tee or any neutral look, add two, three, or more pieces from your bundle to instantly feel more polished!

It’s amazing how quickly a few related accessories can make any look intentional and polished! How about you? What’s your favorite color? Can you build a small bundle around it? What color or colors might you like to play with in the coming seasons? Do let me know in the comments below! I love to hear from you…

Stylishly yours,

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